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July 29, 2007

Making of GOD of WAR : Chains of Olympus

This looks pretty darn good.

This is going to make the PSP sales soar I tell ya!

Can’t wait!!!

Demo comes out September.

Slated to come out around December 2007.


July 29, 2007

New Orientation Video – LOST

[A cue card with a DHARMA logo is held up as indistinct mutterings are heard. The film jerks and clarifies to show Marvin Candle. A woman is applying make-up to his face.]

CANDLE: I’ll never get used to wearing make-up.

MALE VOICE: You look great! It takes away the shine.

CANDLE: Who cares if I shine? I’m a scientist, I’m not a…

[Film jumps to show a rabbit on a table. A female assistant lifts it up and passes it into Candle’s arms.]

MALE VOICE: Turn the rabbit around, please.

[Candle does so, revealing a painted number 15 on the animal’s side.]


[Film jumps again; an image of Gerald DeGroot is shown for a brief moment.]

CANDLE: Hello. I’m Doctor Edgar Halowax, and this is the Orientation Film for Station 6 of the DHARMA Initiative. As you [the Narvik building overlaps for a brief moment] have no doubt surmised, Station 6, or “the Orchid”, is not a botanical research… [cut] We apologize for asking you to deceive your family and colleagues. This is, of course, in the interest of their own security. The unique properties of this Island created a kind of Casimir effect, allowing us to…

[A shot of the Room 23 film is very briefly shown, reading “God loves you as He loved Jacob”. The film resumes with Candle holding the rabbit again.]

CANDLE: The field you have been selected to study is highly volatile and potentially dangerous. But, over the next few minutes we will demonstrate the elaborate safety measures that have been put in place to ensure… [something lightbulb-shaped falls from the ceiling with a loud crashing noise] … the hell?!

[On a high shelf above Candle is another white rabbit. Several people start shouting, and the assistant runs past Candle.]

MALE VOICE: Hey, what is that?! What’s going on…?!

ASSISTANT: Oh God, it’s fifteen!

CANDLE: … the fuck?! Don’t let them near each other! When did you set the shift?

ASSISTANT: Negative 20!

[A recorded female voice counts backwards from ten, cutting off at “three”.]

CANDLE: How long?

ASSISTANT: Nine minutes, but we’re still learning how to…!

CANDLE: [looks at camera] Why is that still running?

MALE VOICE: He told me to keep the camera running…

CANDLE: Turn it off. Turn it off!

[The camera cuts briefly to an upside down frame of someone riding a bicycle through the Barracks. Candle’s voice can be heard very faintly, mentioning “harvesting”. The film then cuts back to Candle without any alarm or chaos.]

CANDLE: Hello. I’m Doctor Edgar Halowax, and this is the Orientation Film for Station 6 of the DHARMA Initiative. As you have no doubt surmised, Station 6, or “the Orchid”, is not a botanical research unit.

[The film cuts off.]

Via Lostpedia

24 Season 7 Spoiler

July 28, 2007

This just in from Comic-Con.

Season 7 will be the Trial of Jack Baur. At least for about an hour anyway, then he has to go and kick some arse. The CTU will be disbanded and the series is set in Washington DC instead of Los Angeles. So it looks like he will round up the gang of Bill Buchanan and Chloe to help him with ‘detail schematics’ of places he is going to infiltrate.

And Tony Almeida may not be dead. He was supposed to be alive and kicking in an alternate ending that they shot for the season 6 finale. He comes in a car to take Jack somewhere and that was how it was going to end. But they scrapped that idea. So he might come back. Or not.

No plans for bringing Chase back yet. Nooooo…

Looks like its shaping out to be a good season.

24 returns in January 2008.

July 28, 2007

The Dark Knight Teaser Trailer

I haven’t been this excited for a movie in a really long time.

Heath Ledger is shaping out to be the best joker ever. That laughter is bone chilling.

The joker has started his viral campaign to recruit followers. Click here if you want to join.


What happens after the epilogue? – HARRY POTTER

July 27, 2007

Am I the only one who didn’t like the prologue of Deathly Hallows? The writing seemed different and oh those horrible names they called their kids. James and Lily were cute. But Albus Severus?!?

Don’t get me wrong the book was fantastic and a great send off to a magical series which may never be toppled, ever! But I could have settled for the future to have been left open.

She has later revealed that she had written the last chapter just after finishing the sixth book. The original epilogue she wrote was a much more fleshed out one which included the names of all the Weasly children born in the past 19 years.

She later on decided to make the future vague and to leave some of it up to the imagination of her fans. Her exact words were she wanted something “nebulous” and “poetic”.

Since the book is out now she decided to let it all out on an exclusive interview with MSNBC.

Here are some of the more important points that she talked about the future of the characters.

• Harry and Ron are working as Aurors. Harry is the head of the department.

• Hermione is pretty high up at the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.

• Luna is travelling the world looking for magical creatures.

• There might be some romance on the cards for Luna and Neville, who works as a Herbology professor at Hogwarts.

• Hogwarts has a new Defence Against the Dark Arts professor and a new Headmaster.

• She said she may reveal some more on a Harry Potter encyclopedia if she ever decides to write one.

You can check our more on the original interview here.

Harold Perrineau (Michael) is back for LOST!

July 26, 2007


Michael is coming back for the fourth season of LOST! Now that’s some great news for LOST fans since his storyline was never concluded.

He must have been offered a lot of money to return since he had turned a huge offer to come back for the third season finale unlike fellow cast member, his son in the series, Walt, who made a brief appearance.

It looks like the leaked script (for the first and second episode of the fourth season) or fan fiction that I had read is becoming true day by day.

You can download that great piece of ‘fan fiction’ here.

The Artist’s Masterpiece

July 25, 2007

Wind rustled through the eerie silence that enveloped the dark. The silence of the night was ripped apart by the shrill scream of a terrified soul. A male figure of medium height appeared from the darkness for a split second before he receded back into the shadows.

Crimson dye decorated the alleyway that the cry originated from. It almost complimented the body that was sprawled on the ground with its neck brutally ripped open, if not for the hideous color of green that shrouded the cadaver. The artistry of the scene in no doubt was an accolade for the individual that had led the victim to her gruesome demise.

Her throat had been slashed open with a sharp object possibly a knife and professionally done at that so no blood had splattered on the assailant. Her eyes were gauged out to reveal the inner walls of her skull. Blood had streamed down her face becoming a thick sticky paste of dark red. The letter J and a drawing of which that looked like an eye embellished the walls above her head, no doubt written in her own blood.

The artist had completed his masterpiece and gracefully left the scene taking the victims eyeballs with him. They would be a fine addition for his collection. His thirst quenched but thirst he would again. The euphoria he experienced his first time had befallen him to addiction, never to be relinquished. Exhaustion filled to the core he laid down to rest.

Sleep for now to wake for the dark. He slept.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Season 8

July 24, 2007


Issue #1

Issue #2

Issue #3

Issue #4


Pushing Daisies

July 24, 2007

Pushing Daisies Promo Pic

I got my hands on a lot of screeners for shows that are going to come out this fall, and this is the one that impressed me the most. In my opinion this is going to be the break out hit of the fall.

Touted as a ‘romantic forensic fairy tale’ the shows premise centers on a Pie Maker, who can bring back people from the dead, and whose restaurant is humorously called ‘Pie Hole’. When he was a kid, Ned, or called ‘Young Ned’ by the narrator of the fairy tale, discovers that he can bring back dead things to life by touching them, through the death of his dog. But there is a catch. If he brings back a person from the dead for more than a minute, something living from the current vicinity dies. When he touches the person he brought back from the dead, the person dies again. He learns these of these rules sadly by the death of his mother and the death of the father of his childhood sweet heart, Chuck.

Young Ned then leaves his town to go to a boarding school leaving Chuck behind. He then becomes a Pie Maker, 19 years later and helps solve crime with his partner, a detective, by bringing the dead to life. Then one faithful day he and Chuck are reunited by the Chuck’s very own murder. He weaves his magic but doesn’t have the heart in him to let her die again. So in return the bad, bad man, the Manager of the Funeral home who steals from his dead clients die, since he was in the vicinity of the reincarnation of Chuck.

Chuck and the Pie Maker still have feelings for each other but they can’t touch one another since it would in turn lead to the demise of Chuck. Imagine not being able to touch the one you love. So Chuck the Pie Maker and the Detective become partners in solving crime while both Chuck and the Pie Maker lust after each other.

The End.

What makes this imaginative show stand out is its speedy witty humor which is almost on par with the better seasons of the Gilmore Girls.

Set to Premiere on the 26th of September on the ABC this is one series to look out for, although I still don’t know why it’s called Pushing Daisies.

Any ideas?

Opera 9.21

July 20, 2007



Opera is one of the vast choices of browsers available these days. I’ve heard a lot of rave reviews about it from friends so I thought I’d check it out. I’ve never been a fan of Internet Explorer which is too buggy for my taste. I use Mozilla Firefox which more than suits my needs, so it would be impossible for me to not compare Firefox and Opera.

The Opera browser has come along way since it was developed back in 1994. Over the years it has been under the shadow of Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. Then Firefox came along with all its free enriched add-ons goodness that to succumb Internet Explorer to the position that it is now. Second best. Now it looks like it’s going to drop down one more position to Opera. Opera and Firefox is fighting for the top place and Opera has just won me over.

Opera 9.21 has one of the most unique features that I have seen in a browser. The Speed Dial. It allows the user to put up to 9 usually visited websites in one page when you open a new tab, with the ability to see all the updated versions of each website when the page is reloaded. It’s really easy to browse in this way over typing the URL every time or going over to your bookmarks and clicking the page you want to go.

The other thing is this browser is darn fast and isn’t prone to crashes unlike Firefox and Explorer. I have no idea why this browser is faster than Firefox but it loads the pages a hell of a lot faster.

Opera has no problem importing the bookmarks from other browsers and it does this for you automatically when it is installed. It also has all the typical functions of other browsers such as tabbed browsing, a pop up blocker as well as a download manager installed.

New features include the:
– Voice = It controls Opera’s interface by talking to it and it even reads out documents aloud. Neat!
– In built bit torrent client although not as good as utorrent.
– Widgets such as Gmail Checker, Fish tank and many more.
– Less RAM consumption which a really big plus. Take that memory crunching Fox!
– Mouse gestures which is an innovative idea. But needs some practice.

Firefox has been so buggy for me lately and Opera has become a really mouth watering option. It’s fast and sleek and all you ever want to do is browse with this wonderful browser. Now if there was a way to transfer all the passwords of the sites that I visit to from Firefox to Opera. Hmmm.

Note: I’ve never used Safari so I don’t know anything about it except that it’s been recently ported to Windows from Mac.