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Drake Gets his Groove on!

November 20, 2007

The fan favourite ‘Everyman’ hero busts a move in the new Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune exclusively for the PS3. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. Btw this is hilarious, must watch! 😉


You Just Got Slapped – How I Met Your Mother

November 20, 2007 reaches zero, Barney got slapped, and we got treated to a song “You Just Got Slapped” by Marshall ‘Meatloaf’ Ericson.

Happy Slapsgiving Everyone 😉

just one of those weeks..

November 19, 2007

These last couple of weeks have turned out to be one of the most frustrating and irritating weeks of my life. Wish I could change my identity or better yet switch places with my other self whose having a great time on his side of the universe, till these ‘one of those weeks’ gets better and tolerable which will be of course when I get back to Male’ from this hell hole.

On other news ‘quarterlife’ just got picked up for NBC primetime which will start airing in February 2008. Hey, at least I have good taste in television or maybe it’s because they don’t have enough original programming to air due to the writer’s strike. Meh..

great time to be a gamer

November 15, 2007

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

Assassin’s Creed

Call of Duty 4

Guitar Hero III

Rachet and Clank : Tool’s of Destruction

Winning Eleven 2008

Mass Effect

Drawback? : Our pockets gets blown to smithereens..


November 13, 2007

And he sat there staring at the screen typing on his keyboard and wondering why he was bored..? And then he remembered. He wasn’t bored because he didn’t have any work to do. He was bored because he had lots and lots of assignments to complete. Well actually it’s two. Technically three if you count the two inside one which is divided into individual and group elements, but hey whose counting? So what does this tell you my dear colleagues? This tells us we can be bored whenever we don’t have anything we want to do or whenever we want to be bored and then complain that we are bored. But this is in no way a ‘complainment’ rant to tell of my feelings of being bored. No! This is a post about boredom and how we take boredom into consideration whenever we are bored and that we wouldn’t be bored if not for boredom. Bored already? Good!


November 11, 2007

In this day and age of ‘Writer’s Strike!’ and networks not willing to pay what the writer’s want ( which ofcourse resulted in the writer’s strike) comes a new show ( an internet show..believe it! Ofcourse there are well podcasts and videocasts ( is it called? (too many brackets?)) but this is entirely different) that’s going to revolutionize the way we view TV shows ( too much? Meh.. ).

Well anyways this a net based show which is going to air on it’s own MySpace (which I don’t really I don’t like facebook (yes..really!)) page and then on it’s own webpage the very next day. It’s a 8 minute webshow called ‘QuarterLife’ which basically centers around ‘twentysomething’ people’s lives ( so we can’t call this a typical teeenage drama eh?) who are ‘net savvy’ ( blogger’s people…bloggers!!!). What makes this interesting is this show isn’t written by amateurs, but by people who brought you ‘My So-Called Life’ (which I havn’t watched) and ‘Blood Diamond’ ( which I still haven’t watched as well but have heard great things about), so they aren’t complete noob’s per say.

The trailer (oh and did I say the main character is pretty cute?) looked interesting and the video streams pretty well so I’ll check it out once the first episode comes out on the site tomorrow.

Check out the show and trailer here.

my favourite word as of this moment

November 11, 2007

I was watching this episode of Diggnation when I first heard the word. It sounds gay…but who cares.
And the word is…
‘Man-sicle’ 😀

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Demo Impressions

November 11, 2007

Amazing! Brilliant! Must by! AAA Title!

The most fun I’ve had playing an action game. AI is top notch. You take cover and they take cover. You aim the gun to take them out when they emerge from their ‘cover’, but they don’t. They know what you have on your mind and comes out from different positions; sometimes crouching, other times gun blazing running around to make sure they don’t get hit. You can’t take cover for too long either; they flank you from all sides till there is no way out. This is next generation gaming ladies and gentlegeeks and yes Microsoft fanboys this is better than Gears of War!

The graphics is amazing. Ever seen an old Indiana Jones movie and saw how a grenade explodes in bright shiny cloud? That’s what you get over here. The whole, Indian Jones-esque treasure hunting, defeating the bad guys with you have to believe it to see it action, shebang. This is a cinematic movie folks which I’m sure everyone will enjoy, and you get to play it!!! Review will be up after I get this on November 20th! Till then enjoy the demo video.

thoughts of ze lionz

November 11, 2007

Roar!!! Umm…Rooooooarrr!!! Frightning? No? Ok.. *whimper*


November 10, 2007

yes!!! yessss!!!! yesssss!!! FRAK YEAH!!!! 😀