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The Time Traveler’s Wife

December 29, 2007


I first heard of the book when Journeyman just came out. How the book and the series had the same premise, was the word out on the street but it couldn’t be any more different. Journeyman centers around Dan who has to go back in time to save people so the future would be a better place, something like Time Cop played by Van Damme, except without the bad dialogue and over the top effects. The book centers on actually the protagonist’s wife, hence the title, and how she copes with her husband’s disappearances ever since she was six. Confused enough? Let me enlighten you.

Henry meets Clare when she is only six years old and him thirty six. And they get married when Clare is twenty two and Henry thirty. How can that happen you ask? Well Henry has a genetic disorder which allows multiple Henry’s to exist in same places at the same time. Whether it is a young Henry, with an older Henry or even Henry’s of the same age. Unlike other time travel stories where if the protagonist meets their doppelganger the space time continuum would cease to exist, in this story it doesn’t, which is pretty refreshing to say the least.

Well this book could have been an all out sci-fi time travel extravaganza but it isn’t, this is merely a love story with a twist. This is about Clare’s love for Henry and how she waits for him for all those years to spend the little time they get together, to enjoy and cherish it knowing that she might not be able to see him again for days, months and even years until the day she meets Henry of her timeline and they get married. And even then that Henry will vanish to meet the young Clare several times which would surely be hard on Clare but she copes on, which makes this story beautiful, saying the love can conquer anything, even time.

I couldn’t put the book down since I bought it. The story is told in a first person perspective from both Clare and Henry, each chapter occurring in a different time-line. The writing is excellent making the whole story even though it is extraordinary, believable. Some chapters are accompanied by beautiful narratives and poems by other authors which coincide with which Audrey Niffenegger (first time author) is writing about. One of those is this beautiful example.

clock time is our bank manager, tax collector, police inspector;
this inner time is our wife

– J.B.Priestly, Man and Time

This goes into my collection of best books of all time. It’s refreshing to see an author write such a risky story, which could have easily bombed, and go with it full force, in this time of generic crime-thrillers, fantasy and science-fiction not to forget the ever popular genre of  Da Vinci- like conspiracy novels.

Next on my reading list; The Lovely Bones.


Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction Review

December 25, 2007


Platform: PS3

Developer: Insomniac Games

Publisher: SCEA

Genre: Platform/Shooter

Mode: Single Player


Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction is the successor to the quirky and fun filled adventures of Ratchet, the last of the Lombax race, and his metallic side-kick Clank. The previous installments had received positive reviews from many respectable gaming sites and this had been one of the most awaited titles for the PlayStation 3 this year by many gamers.


Ratchet and Clank are on vacation in Metropolis when they are given a distress call by Captain Qwark claiming that the city was being attacked by an unknown robotic space armada. Later it is known that the target of the invasion was Ratchet himself as he is the last of the long lost race of Lombax. Another sole survivor of a race called Crag-Mites is leading the invasion who is the self proclaimed Emperor Percival Techyon. The Lombaxes had got rid of the Crag-Mites with help of a special secretive technology and Tachyon is trying to find it by combing out the galaxy, to bring the Crag-Mites back. And so Rachet and Clank gets on their recently fixed motor-cycle to save the universe from the ever impending doom of the returning Crag-Mites, and hilarity ensues.


Like the previous installments of the series you play most of the game as Ratchet and some amounts as Clank. Ratchet is armed with a large arsenal of weapons most of which are pretty useless when it comes to the latter part of the game but still fun to use. Groovitron is an example of this factor as when you throw a disco ball at your enemies they obviously (note the sarcasm?) starts dancing so it would be easy for you to take them out. There are still other weapons such as the RYNO IV (Hint: Collect all HOLO Plans) which kicks serious amounts of ass in one go so it isn’t all fun and games, most of the time.

While Ratchet and Clank are not kicking alien asses they are skating on rails, dancing with pirates, solving ball puzzles and taking a ride on the Gyro-Cycle as well as collecting hidden Golden Bolts (Hint: Explore all the levels, very rewarding) to unlock various cool stuff throughout the game. There is so much variety in the game that you would never ever feel that it is getting repetitive or that this game is a generic platformer or shooter.


Now this is where the game kicks more amount of ass than Ratchet does with those helmet-filled brains. The worlds are gorgeous; it feels like you’re in a PIXAR movie, but in this case you get to control your characters. Now isn’t that cool? And it can only happen with the power of the next generation consoles, this being the PS3 of course. W00t!

Final Impressions

Truthfully when I bought this game for my younger brother I never thought that I would play this, I thought this was just a game for kids, silly me. But when I saw him play this game and Ratchet kicking major amounts of ass (yes I like saying that a lot :D) I knew I had to play this game! It was so much fun exploring the worlds to find the gold bolts, and the holo plans to unlock the final weapon that I could not put the game down for one second. Kind of disappointed that the game ended but it had a great ending and I can’t wait till the next game comes out, till then I’m going to satisfy my Platformer thirst with Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters for the PSP.

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Upcoming Title

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Note: The Reviews are not getting rated by a number system as, many games are from different genres and it is hard to describe what you feel about a game from just a number.

Side-note: No penguins have been harmed while making this review.

my take on ‘evilution’

December 4, 2007


{God creates dinosaurs,

God destroys dinosaurs,

God creates man,

Man destroys God,

Man creates AI,

AI destroys man,

AI creates God,

God destroys AI.}

21 and none the wiser

December 1, 2007

This is pretty much a thank you post for everyone that wished me. I don’t see any changes in me being 21 and all. It’s just a number. I’m still the same ol silly fascinated by games, books, tv-shows, football (YNWA!) dork without my long lovely locks. Yes I shaved my head in time for my b’day which does make me look a little bit older me thinks. Anyways thank you guys for all the love. Anywhoo I’m leaving you with a thinker:

Question: What if we were living on a planet that took only about 13 days to revolve around the star in it’s solar system? Would we age faster? Or would we live on to become say maybe thousand years old? So the important question is: Are the numbers relevant in how we age?