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LOST – Missing Pieces (All Episodes)

January 29, 2008

ABC and the LOST crew has created some short two to three minute clips for mobile phones (Mobisodes as they are called) of LOST filling some unknown gaps between the seasons. Some of these clips are funny, some of them serious, and some them makes you go “ohhhh!! thats what happened!!”. Anyways these clips are a must watch for LOST fans and for people who have given up on LOST as well. If you don’t have it in you to watch all the episodes, just watch the last one, (the 13th one named “So It Begins”) which will absolutely blow your mind and make you wanting for the new episodes that are coming out in two days time (can’t wait!!). Anyways check out the clips after the jump. (more…)


Best of 2007: Movies

January 28, 2008

My opinion of movies has changed a lot over the past few years. I no longer go to movies and sit there just enjoying the movie and not think about anything. I have a habit of mulling over the story, looking at how it’s shot, the dialogue (whether it fits into the situation), whether I am caring enough about the characters to enjoy the movie etc etc. I have become somewhat of a critic. I’m not saying whether my opinion is right or wrong but that this is how or why I enjoy movies and that I’m entitled to my own opinion as are everyone else. On that note here are my picks for the best 5 movies of 2007.

1. Children of Men (Contrary to what may think this was officially released on the 5th of January 2007)

2. 3:10 to Yuma

3. Juno

4. Michael Clayton

5. Gone Baby Gone

And special mentions goes to The Lookout and The King of Kong. The King of Kong is a documentary about two guys competing for the highest score in Donkey Kong. It might sound lame but it’s a great underdog story which you will get sucked into whether you’re a gamer or not a gamer.

Well there are a couple of great movies that have come out in 2007 I haven’t been able to watch yet and since I didn’t want to put this list off any longer I decided I would go with the ones I have watched. Some of the movies that might get into my list if I watched them are as follows:

No Country for Old Men

There Will Be Blood

Grind House


The Nines

So there you go. No place for Transformers because I still think it sucked. Die Hard 4.0 and 300 were great but still not good enough to get into the list.

Message From Your Heart – Kina Grannis

January 26, 2008

This is Kina’s Superbowl video. Beautiful song. Just watch it and I’m sure you’ll get the message from her heart. 😉


Don’t break me, I bruise easily
The source of both your love and misery

I am steady, beating endlessly
While you are dozing, dreaming pretty things
Lovely things

I don’t work for free
Please take care of me

This is a message from your heart
Your most devoted body part
Taking blood and making art
This is a message from your heart
Pounding away into the dark
You could thank me for a start
This is a message from your heart

Don’t hurt me, I bleed constantly
My efforts leave me but flow back swiftly

My rhythm, soothing, like raindrops steady
On foggy windows when you gaze outwardly

I don’t work for free
Please take care of me
Please take care of me

This is a message from your heart
Your most devoted body part
Taking blood and making art
This is a message from your heart
Pounding away into the dark
You could thank me for a start
This is a message from your heart

Everytime you sleep
Everytime you eat
Everytime you laugh
Everytime you cry
Every time you love

This is a message from your heart
Your most devoted body part
Taking blood and making art
This is a message from your heart
Pounding away into the dark
You could thank me for a start
This is a message from your heart

Chickipedia (SFW)

January 24, 2008


Well here’s a pretty cool site I discovered. This is of course for guys. Search for any celebrity and get all the information you want on her from bust size to butt size as well as her dirty little secrets.LOL. And best part is it’s all Web 2.0. Well I won’t be looking through this site much since ma missus would probably kill me. This is for you guys. Wikipedia for chicks. Chickipedia.

Cloverfield Review and Heath Ledger Dead??

January 23, 2008


I didn’t want to do both of these together but this came as a huge shock to me and I just needed to say something about Heath Ledger. I got up this morning went on my daily ritual of surfing my favorite websites, before I went to see Cloverfield, when I saw the news on TVGuide. I was seriously bummed when I saw it. It’s a huge loss. I think he is practically the best Joker that’s going to ever play the role, because he looks so down right creepy in the trailers and the pictures, which is of course what the Joker should look like really . Supposedly he od’d on heroin sleeping pills, and this makes me think, we seem to be living better lives than these celebrities. They got the money and the fame and they are still not happy. What does it take to be happy? Not heroin. For me it’s love, and if these ‘celebrities’ had people who loved them, they wouldn’t have to be in this situation. Want to bets on whose next? Britney or Amy Winehouse? You pick. Call me heartless but I don’t like their music and them as a people. But Heath Ledger may you rest in peace.

Onto Cloverfield. First of all let me say I love monster movies, and I luuurved Godzilla (1998), maybe I wouldn’t like it if I watched it now, since I watched at is a kid and all, but I luurve seeing people in jeopardy as long as it’s not me. Ahem. All I can say is J.J Abrams has done it again. He produced Alias and LOST which were big hits and now Cloverfield which is turning out to be a big hit as well breaking the box office record for January.

The whole movie is filmed with a Camcorder (actually different camcorders but according to the movie only one) by Hudson one of the characters who attends his best friend’s farewell party. So he’s going around filming the whole thing when the city is attacked by a giant monster accompanied by small other monster creatures. This is the story of their horrible experience viewed by the US Army who finds the tape. The whole thing is seen from a first person perspective so you don’t get to see the monster a lot but you see it enough to make a clear image in your head of what it looks like. The monster is pretty darn huge and it goes around wreaking Manhattan even throwing off the head of Statue of Liberty, which was pretty cool. The special effects were pretty well done considering this was filmed with camcorders and they had to make it look as real as possible. I actually got quite dizzy watching the movie since I was so engrossed in it and since the camera was going to and fro in all directions. But it was one great experience. I actually thought of that once scene in Children of Men where the guy goes into the battlefield to rescue the baby, which was shot on one take (which was pretty darn amazing), while looking at some of the scenes in the movie. It’s surreal. I think most of them won’t like the movie because it ended abruptly without answering much questions. But I like it better that way and I don’t want any sequels (which was hinted after the credits, some guys over at youtube played backwards the creepy message that is after the credits to hear ‘it’s not dead’) since I like leaving stuff to the imagination.

There are so many things I missed in the movie because it was one great helluva ride and I was in shock by how great it was. There are some things that I found online after watching it. After the camera goes to black we supposedly see a satellite falling into the sea (which is actually what happened one month earlier) and this satellite awakened this monster which was in hibernation for about 1000 of years under the sea. This has been confirmed by J.J Abrams to be true. There was some online viral marketing going on for the movie which I missed but there is this connection with the main character Jason and the company whose satellite fell down. It’s a Japanese company named Turigato and he was leaving to work there as a Vice President. Coincidence? Me don’t think so when it comes to J.J.

I hope there is no sequel. The concept was great so was the special effects as well the story, the acting not so much, but they accomplished what they tried to do; which was to get some monster loving for the United States trumping Godzilla of Japan’s. So all in all I’ll definitely by the DVD when it comes out hopefully because this is one of the best movies I’ve seen and I’d love to see the extra stuff they’ve added to it.

Metal Gear Saga in Detail

January 21, 2008

A GameTrailers blogger has explained the Metal Gear Solid Saga from start to finish. It is a great read if you want to get caught up for when MGS4 comes out hopefully in May. It’s a great read for the noobies whose getting into it as well. Props to Idree. Check it out here.Check out the Metal Gear Quote Book done by maniac086 as well.


MacBook Air: Is it worth the price?

January 16, 2008


Steve Jobs: MacBook Air. The thinnest notebook available. Can fit into a manila envelope. Price $1799.


For these specs I think this is a complete rip-off even though it’s Apple.

5 Hrs Battery with everything running (nah uh..)

No Optical Drive (this completely sucks! Wirelessly installing software is not for me…)

One USB Port (whaaat?? I need at least four USB Ports…but maybe that’s just me..)

2GB DDR2 667 MHz RAM (Acceptable)

Intel Core 2 Duo at 1.6 or 1.8 GHz (Hmmm..ok..what’s the best processor for laptops out there? I don’t think this is it for that price!)

80GbB or 64 GB Hard Drive (It has to be at least 160GB!)

Optional external HD for $99, USB- Bus Powered (now we know why there is only one USB port…oh wait where do we put the external optical drive that is also USB powered? Oh yes the same USB port..but first take out the external HD and then put in the external optical drive…why don’t you just give the external HD and an external optical drive for free…at least then we might be able to accept the $1799 price!…on second thought…NO!)

Yeah it does look cool and I would definitely buy it for say like about $300 but $1799 is completely ludicrous!

Oh and yeah this isn’t actually the thinnest laptop ever. It is the Mitsubishi Pedion (now deceased) which cost a whopping $6000 with a 1GB Hard Drive and 64 MB RAM. Whaaaat?! Yes I know. Hilarious isn’t it? It came out in 1998 and no wonder no one remembers it. Maybe in 2018 everyone would have forgotten about the MacBook Air as well. Source : CNET

Gotto love technology. One minute you’re the new funky kid on the block that everyone craves for and the next minute your toast! And yes you can quote me on that!

Hitler Returns Pissed Off By HD-DVD’s Downfall

January 15, 2008

Blu-Ray FTW! 😛

Devil May Cry 4 Screens

January 14, 2008

Dante with Pandora’s box which is actually a huge arsenal of weapons wrapped in badass briefcase.
Pandora’s Box transformed into a machine gun.
Silver Giga. A badass big statue dude.
Dante fighting Silver Giga in a Colossus of Rhodes like scenario ala God of War 2.
Release date : 31st January (Asia)
Excuse the quality of the screens. Via Famitsu.

Is this is the Cloverfield Monster?

January 14, 2008




These are some drawings done by fans that have been at the Cloverfield pre-screenings. Looks pretty badass in my opinion. Can’t wait to watch it on the 18th!

via FilmSchoolRejects