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Prison Break Renewed + Shocker

March 29, 2008

I heard about this news about a week back and since my schedule doesn’t allow me to blog, well actually it does but I’m just too lazy. So for you guys who haven’t heard about this well here goes. Prison Break has been renewed for a fourth season with up to 23 episodes plus Dr.Sarah Tencredi is returning. How can this happen you ask? Well I guess I’ll just have to tell you.

Apparently the whole killing Sarah thing was a smoke screen and it was just a random chicks head in the box ( now there is a line you don’t hear every day eh? ). So she’s returning. I don’t actually care. I’ll still watch the show though to see what happens.

So what do you guys think? Is this just plain poor writing to get back the ratings? Are you excited for season 4?

Note: This isn’t an april fool’s joke. You have been warned!


Sonic Unleashed Leaked Footage

March 24, 2008

Finally a Sonic game worth looking forward to since the 2D era.I’ve always preferred Sonic over Mario and I haven’t been excited for a game in a very long time. If the the game play is good as it looks I’ll definitely be the first in line.

LOST – Meet Kevin Johnson

March 24, 2008

Let’s make this short and sweet shall we?

We found out that Michael was Ben’s contact on the boat.

In Michael’s flashback Tom went to back to get Michael, who is in the outs with Walt. Tom is finally confirmed to be gay, but that was given out early in season 3 when Tom said that Kate wasn’t his “type”.

Tom tells Michael that Widmore is responsible for the fake 815 and that he dug up the bodies somewhere in Thailand?? What??? Must have been one rural area for the dug up graves not to get noticed.

Karl dies and Roussoue gets shot when they go with Alex to find the temple on Ben’s wishes. I think the guys that shot them were probably Omar and Keamy who went back with Frank. The reason for that is that the Helicopter is missing from the freight and so is Frank. Keamy is shown shooting in Michaels flash back. So put two and two together and tan daaa~. But I could be wrong of course. I read an interview of the guy who plays Karl and he says that when they shot the scene there were guys in camouflage with sniper rifles. But they didn’t show that in the scene so probably that’s going to be shown in an upcoming episode.

Oh and I think that Alex might be pregnant. Did you notice that Alex looked pretty hot during this episode? I think they wanted to show that Alex was glowing due to her pregnancy. Well I’m 99% sure about that. Even if Ben was the mastermind behind Karl getting killed that would have been to no avail. Karl finally puts one over Ben. Hehe..

On the freight Sayid rats out on Michael and Captain Gault doesn’t seem to be surprised. Maybe he already knew and he’s also working for Ben???

Here are some interesting tidbits from the Lost Podcast done by the creators.

– Aaron is one of the Oceanic 6. So the list consists of Jack, Kate, Sayid, Sun, Hurley and Aaron.

– There is going to be another electromagnetic event this season. So expect one more purple haze in the sky.

– There will be more information on the four toed statue and Black Rock in the last five episodes of the season.

– The name of the next episode is called “The Shape of Things to Come” and is rumored to be a Sayid Flash Forward.

– Aaand the writer’s code name for the season finale’s secret scene is “The Frozen Donkey Wheel.”

Next episode airs on April 24th. Hopefully I will be free of the whole college craze. Till then stay LOST!! 😛

RR 19/03/08

March 19, 2008

I haven’t been able to blog or even check out me blog over the past few days because, well college is crazy! Not that the college is crazy; it’s fine and dandy and all, but well you know work. Anyhoo well lets get into some interesting things shall we!

The four toed statue on LOST might actually be 6 toed! Whaaaaat?!

We have all but seen the Oceanic Six up to the 7th episode. But the producers are not confirming who they are. So lets go with the last one being Aaron for now.

If you guys have watched the latest How I Met Your Mother, did you guys think that the person Ted bumped into and said “Excuse me” to is the MOTHER?!?! They wouldn’t have included that scene if it wasn’t meant to hold any meaning. Or am I reading too much into it? Next week Britteny stars with a Scrubs doctor, well playing a doctor, figures.

Oh and yeah, I’m thinking of buying a laptop. Any recommendations? I’m thinking of going for the latest model of the MacBook.

Fernando Torres – Interview

March 17, 2008

This is what makes you want to be a Liverpool supporter. The history, the discipline, and the will to never stop dreaming. YNWA!!!

LOST – Ji-Yeon

March 15, 2008

This episode got back to the original pacing of the season four’s episode after the horrible Juliet-centric episode. We got a flash back and a flash forward in one this time. The writer’s seem to be surprising us every time with their ingenuity. We have gotten flash forwards, flash back’s, time travel (flash back and present), and now a flash back and flash forward in one episode, in this season alone. I don’t know what they are going to come up with next, but I’m sure they will up the anti again in the coming episodes and I can’t frickin’ wait.

I’ve got to say this episode was bittersweet. I loved how the story was lead so that the flash forward looked like present/future time and the ending was brilliant, which is a mystery all on its own and opens so many doors for the writers. They can go in any direction they want.


Sun didn’t trust Dan and Charlotte, and she decided to go Locke’s camp with Jin. Juliet tried to stop them from going, because she believed Sun needed to get off the island as soon as she could, for the safety of Sun and her baby. Since coaxing Jin didn’t work she told him about the affair that Sun had with that bald guy. That brought an end for their journey back to Locke’s camp, with Jin going fishing accompanied by Bernerd, obviously broken hearted. After a good talk about Karma with Bernerd, Jin heads back to his wife believing that the way he treated her, lead her to have her affair.


On the ship the duo of Sayid and Dezz meets the ship’s captain, Gault. A Wikipedia search of Gault brings up an interesting read. Gault seems to be really open with our duo, telling them that the freight was hired by Charles Widmore and he even knew that Desmond knew Widmore. So that means that Widmore already knew Desmond was on the island. So most probably Widmore has a spy on the island? Would be pretty cool wouldn’t it? One of the people who crashed onto the island is a spy of Widmore’s. Interesting. Anyways we learn that Widmore funded the expedition to find the fake 815 and their survivors, and Gault believes that Ben staged the whole thing, but he is flabbergasted by how much resources and even dead bodies would be needed to replicate the whole scene down to the black box of the flight. I call supernatural happening, or maybe even clones. 😀

The other really weird thing that is happening on that ship is people are going mad. Not the mad that Desmond and Minkowski went through. As Gault put it, “Cabin Fever”.

Cabin fever is a condition that produces restlessness and irritability caused from being in a confined space. The actual term is slang for a claustrophobic reaction that takes place when a party is isolated and/or shut in, alone or together, for an extended period. (Wikipedia)

Regina jumped off the ship with chains around her neck. The scene was disturbing and awesome at the same time. What the hell is going on with the people on the ship? Is it the sickness that Rouessou talked about? Or is it the side effects Dan talked about?

Oh and yeah we finally got to meet Ben’s contact on the ship. It’s not Michael, its Kevin Johnson!!! But he has taken over Michael’s body and is nothing but a freight cleaning zombie!!! Haha! All kidding aside, it was obvious that it was going to be Michael. Sayid and Dezz didn’t spill on Kevin’s real identity since they knew that Ben’s contact was helping them. For people who think Desmond had already met Michael before; they have never ever met before FYI. (Desmond was in the first four episodes of season 2, left and came back in the last. Michael was with the tail-sectioners in the start of the second season and eventually wound up with the Other’s, then came back and killed Anna-Lucia and Libby, and took Jack and the gang to Ben. Desmond was on his yacht the whole time getting drunk and eventually drunk on the beach while Michael took Jack and the gang to Ben).But Desmond would have heard about Michael from the losties.

So long story short Michael is Ben’s contact on board who is sabotaging the freight.

Flashback/Flash forward

In the flash back Jin was trying to buy a Panda for some pregnant women who we thought was Sun. When I first saw Jin I kind of suspected it was a flash back, believe it or not because of his hair. Hehe. And then his phone gave it away. We then learn he was on an errand for Mr.Paik and that he had been married for only two months.

Sun was having her baby in the future and wanted Jin to come, but eventually we learn that she was hallucinating and that Jin was dead. Hurley comes to see Sun and Ji-Yeon (the daughter), and is relieved that the other 4 of the Oceanic Six didn’t come and surprisingly so was Sun. Probably Sun and Hurley doesn’t agree on the whole cover-up story of the Oceanic Six. Hurley and Sun visits Jin’s tombstone, which has the date 22nd September 2004 as the day he had died. Which brings up the questions; Is he really dead? We all know he didn’t die in the crash. Maybe he is still one of the people on the island? He had to stay on the island to let Sun go? I’m going with Jin being dead for now. Thing is Sun and Jin’s issues (the affair) was resolved. And we all know what happens when the losties face their demons, they die.

Oceanic Six Standings

The producers have said that by the end of episode seven we would know the identities of the Oceanic Six, so that means Ben can’t be one and the obvious choice is Aaron, although yeah I know he was never on the ships manifest. So here are the standings of right now.







All in all a great episode, next week, you get to “Meet Kevin Johnson”. It’s probably going to be a Michael flash back showing us what happened after he left on the boat. After that one month without LOST. It’s going to be pure torture!!!

RR 13/03/08

March 13, 2008

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows have been officially confirmed to be split into two movies. Which I think is a pretty good idea considering how long the book was and I want this to be perrrrfect! But as always they are going to screw it up somehow. The first part comes out in Nov 2010 and the other in May 2011.

Today I discovered that surprisingly IE7 is more stable than Firefox current version. This is based on personal experience. Well what happened was Firefox didn’t work in the LAB, so I was cursing the cursed web connection at college when a friend of mine got online using IE7 ( Yes. Seems IE still has some fans..). Since I had no choice I used IE7 and to my surprise it didn’t crash on me once, unlike Firefox. Firefox is a great browser and all but it has a got a history of crashing on me while I’m browsing through multiple tabs, mostly because it doesn’t get along with Javascript and it has those memory leaking problems that its infamous for.

IE7 tabbed browsing was kind of refreshing as well. When you have multiple tabs open, and when you go back to the first tab you opened and open a new link as a tab window, the new window pops out next to the window I was using. Which is unlike Firefox, where every tab window opens last. I guess they would implement that in Firefox 3 which is in beta now. But Firefox trumps IE on add-ons, and AdBlock Plus is the best one yet! But it’s refreshing to know that IE is holding out on its own. I like me some competition.

Anyhoo till tomorrow cya. Hopefully we get a “Killer” episode of LOST [pun intended].

RR 12/03/2008

March 12, 2008

Since I’m going crazy with college stuff I haven’t had time to write long and meaningful posts that no one actually reads, but I get time to read through some interesting headlines and I thought I would post them in this specially titled category “Random Rants” every day. Well, hopefully.

So here’s some good news for you fans of CW shows.  Gossip Girl, Smallville, One Tree Hill and Supernatural have been renewed for next season. So give me a hell yeah!

Britteny Spears is going to guest star in How I Met Your Mother’s next season, and no she’s not the  fabled Mother.

A series regular is going to die on LOST tomorrow.

In football news Liverpool just beat the most over rated team in Europe.

Word of advice, don’t even think about watching 10,000 B.C.

And I so want to buy Super Smash Bros Brawl. Wish I had a Wii. *sniff*

Well that’s it for this days edition of Random Rants. See you tomorrow, hopefully.

LOST – The Other Woman

March 10, 2008

This episode was a pretty much ‘meh’ episode that I wasn’t excited enough to write about it at once. I wanted more episodes like the Constant and I got this. This episode was important for only the reason of continuing the story elements and nothing else. And thus the lateness and plus C++ is killing me. @_@

Nothing important happened in the episode. It was pretty much a Juliet flashback on the island revealing why Juliet wanted to kill Ben earlier in Season 3. She had an affair with Goodwin and Ben got jealous and yada yada yada.

And I don’t get what Dan and Charlottes deal is. Couldn’t they just have told Jack and Juliet that they were going to neutralize the “toxic gas”? Would have saved us all the trouble and the suspense. Maybe they still don’t trust the Losties I guess.

The only big reveal in this episode was that Charles Widmore is the owner of the Frieghter and that he was searching for the island and Ben knows about it. Raise your hand if you didn’t see that coming. He tells Locke everything including the identity of his contact on the Frieghter to get his freedom back. And then Ben comes with the line “Meet you guys at dinner tonight” to a bewildered Sawyer and Hurley as if nothing has happened. Classic!

So what else? Uhh Juliet kissed Jack but Kate didn’t see *rolls eyes*. Oh and apparently Ben is gunning for Jack because Juliet is <quote> You’re mine. Alllll miiiine <endquote> {que evil laughter}. Ben has officially become creepier and I’m loving it. 😀

Annnd the quote of the episode goes to Juliet~

“It’s very stressful being an Other, Jack.”

Next week Sun and Jin in Ji-Yeon??? And the contact on board the freighter is revealed. I’d be pretty surprised if it wasn’t Michael.

Jason Castro – Hallelujah

March 6, 2008

I haven’t watched American Idol in years. But this year Jason is making me tune in every week to see his performances. Jeff Buckly’s Hallelujah is one of my favourite songs of all time, which is probably the same for you guys as well and you owe it to yourself to hear Jason sing it. He nails it to perfection. And you gotta love those dreads. 😉