LOST – The Shape of Things to Come

Here I am sitting near my laptop; nose dripping, ‘insomniacaly’ high on Actifed, listening to Jason Mraz’s crazy tunes , all alone in the apartment and missing my love. It’s the holidays and I’m stuck in the house with the flu and couldn’t even watch Iron Man; was going to write an exclusive review just after I watched it, oh but how plans change. With the last drip wiped from my nose I start writing cursing at Microsoft Word for not making I capital when it should. What should I write about..oh yes LOST; last week’s episode of LOST. I apologize to the people who troll the site for the LOST reviews without leaving any comments (you should be ashamed of yourselves..Don’t you know I need encouragement? Actually I don’t. I’m not in my right state of mind. So just ignore the stuff in the parenthesis =P).I was busy with the assignments and sneaking some minutes of my time to play MGS and to talk to my love.

Anyways let’s get into it shall we? Ben ‘Indiana Jones/James Bond’ Lynus manipulated and deceived his way into Sayid’s good graces in the future; October 2005 to be exact I think. He later visited Widmore in his bedroom and said he changed the rules. What are the rules and who determines the rules? I’ll go out on a limb here and say it’s none other than Jacob. It’s a game between two powerful men to get control of the mysterious island whose real owner is the cabin moving Jacob. While we can contemplate on why Jacob is a person who likes a change in scenery per hour, we should get into more important matters.

Jacob first choses Widmore as his lackey but Widmore betrayed Jacob’s trust by forming the Dharma Initiative and ‘experimenting’ with the island’s properties. That pissed Jacob off and Ben came into the picture. Jacob saw a lot of potential in Ben and gave him the sole reign of island and the responsibility of  protecting it. Smokey is none other than the island’s judge and jury and eliminates any threats to the island including Keamy’s Army. Ben can’t control Smokey but he can call him when needed as seen in this episode. Ben somehow fell out with Jacob and the ownership is passed to Locke temporarily. Due to Locke’s incompetence and him partly going mad Hurley was chosen. And now he’s the only one that can communicate with Jacob. Ben knows if he has Hurley he can get into Jacob’s good graces and we see that he did as he probably with the help of Jacob transported himself off the island in 2005. I don’t think he travelled through time to get there. The travelling and arriving happened in 2005, give or take a few days. Well that’s the theory I’m going with now according to incidents of the episode.

The episode had pretty much a big game changer, with Alex’s death at the hand of a somewhat hesitant Keemy and the death threat on Penny Widmore by Ben. Penny and Desmond better have a happy ending else I would be really pissed off. Desmond’s my favourite character with Ben a little behind, and if anything happened to Penny it would prove that the world is a really frakked up place, and this being a drama show really needs a happy ending.

I was really impressed with Ben’s character development. He’s number one on my favourite Villains in a tv-series list. Lional Luthor, Dan Scott, The Cigarette Smoking Man, Baltar and Arvine Sloane of Alias complete the list. Currently Cigarette Smoking Man and Ben are battling out for Villain Supremacy and Ben is on top at the moment.

The funniest thing that happened in the episode was Sawyer telling the no-named losties to get inside the house when Keamy and Co were trigger happy. Every time he said that one no-name dies and another comes out. That was darn funny. Kind of reminds me of old horror flicks/ and the new bad ones with stupid people dying. If you hear shooting don’t run out to see what’s going on! Stay in a safe place or else you’ll get someone’s foot in your ass! Dumbasses!!! (Oh how much I miss Red..)

I don’t know whose episode tomorrow’s one is. I’m done reading up LOST news; I get spoilt every time. I knew Ben was going to go all out commando on some Arabs and speak fluent inaudible languages. So the episode didn’t impress me that much. Hope tomorrow’s episode can one up this one.

Cya then. Hopefully I’ll be saner, and more coherent, ‘words-written-on-blog-posts’ wise. =P

Cool nifty feature down there don’t you think? Ugly interface but the backbone seems solid now.


6 Responses to “LOST – The Shape of Things to Come”

  1. shums Says:

    I miss you too my love…. *huuuuuuuuug* 🙂

  2. Gryskó Says:

    well.. i was someone who was waiting till u write this post.

    This episode was the best episode of lost of me. I m just wondering, who the hell is that Jacob. From the way u have mentioned the relationship of Jacob and Widmore, it seems he is a human too. But, isn’t he some kinda supernatural? Moving Cabins, being invisible to people except few.

    Its obvious the Ben gets orders from Jacob. But it really sounds stupid when Ben needs orders from someone calling help from Locke?? Did Ben pissed Jacob too like u said?

    N more, if we bring Christian into the cabin.. its more weird.

    [P.S. Good to know u feeling better now, n yeah, got to watch the last episode, so chao]

  3. nass Says:

    will read after i watch the latest episode…. still downloading..

  4. nass Says:

    heyyy.. i thot this was the review of the latest episode… 😛

    u watched it i suppose… so is Jack’s dad really alive? the island can bring ppl back from the dead?? jeez.

  5. Arky Says:

    i saw this ep. totally aweome!! ^_^

    your theory about widmore and ben and jacob seems sound… can’t wait for the next ep. i LOVED the part where ben set smokey on the mercs! total GENIUS XD

    also, no comment about that large, weird green bird that hurley once saw that called his name? 😛

  6. maail Says:

    shums: =D

    grysko: Jacob is supernatural or in a more widely thought out theory by the shows fans, he’s a man stuck in time. He can’t do anything about what is happening on the island. But he can manipulate the residents of the island to do his bidding. Thats where Widmore, Ben, Locke and finally Hurley comes in.
    Since we saw Christian in the Cabin some fans have theorised that he may as well be truly Jacob.

    Nass: see grysko’s answer.

    Arky: The ‘Hurley Bird’ as it is called appeared in the season finale’s of the first two seasons but didn’t appear in the third. Might make an appearance on the fourth. =P

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