New MGS4 Gameplay Footage X-PLAY

Don’t watch if you don’t want to be spoiled/spoilt (?) . =P


5 Responses to “New MGS4 Gameplay Footage X-PLAY”

  1. Arky Says:

    aah adam. i missed that guy. he is kewl. ^_^ why DID they stop techtv in maldives anyway???

    the game looks cool. any man who has an army of female super soldiers deserves all he gets. 😛 can’t wait. O_O

  2. maail Says:

    Arky: Adam Sessler’s an XBOX fanboy. I don’t trust his reviews and never will. =P TechTV was bought by another company and now named G4TV. They have crappy shows compared to their earlier shows such as the ScreenSavers.

    If you want some of the TechTV goodness check out The TechTV gang’s back with shows for free.

  3. yashau Says:

    ahaha LOL is it just me or he sucks at MGS. Or is he just playing bad on purpose? If not someone teach him how to aim.

  4. maail Says:

    He just sucks..Adam Sessler is a tool.

  5. yashau Says:

    Yeah most of the guys that play games on shows like that sucks in general. In any case I want to watch him play counter-strike. Now that would be funny.

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