LOST – Something Nice Back Home

“Wouldn’t you rather be dreaming about something nice back home?” asks a concerned Bernard as he tries to convince the ever stubborn Jack to go under, as Kate looks on with a worried look in her eyes.  Juliet, with her fiery and resilient demeanour, yells at Kate to leave the makeshift OR while Jack quivers in pain as the cold, hard metal cuts into his flesh. Bernard, finally having enough, drugs Jack who growls in pain and slowly passes into future dreams of himself back home with Kate and Aaron.

You think that’s how the script is written? xD

Probably not. Oh and the last line was a lie. He didn’t dream of the future. Well I just like to think of it that way. It’s bittersweet. Well kind of..

This was an emotional episode of LOST, not as emotional as the Desmond episode, mind you, but still up there. We should remember first and foremost LOST is a drama series whistle sci-fi comes second. This was drama played out to its best. And it was pretty good change of pace after that Ben-Centric episode which I didn’t like that much but this episode I loved to bits! You can say that it was a pretty much filler episode, which it kind of was but it did answer some questions that we didn’t know. I actually like some of the filler LOST episodes more than the Mythology ones. The Nikki and Paolo, “Hitchcockien” episode comes to mind.  Loved how Hurley tried to figure out what Nikki said. “Powerlines..oh wait I got it dude..Paolo lies!!” (Well something along that line) while in fact it was “Paralysed”. Great episode. I digress, let’s move on shall we?

Jack finally got to live his dream of spending his life with Kate and Aaron (comes with the package =P) unknowingly to him that fate had other plans. Fate in this case was named Charlie who gave him the message through Hurley that Jack wasn’t supposed to raise Aaron. Jack then goes through the motions, that leads him in into the state that we see him in the third season finale. Now this leads to interesting question doesn’t it? Most of the survivors that have gotten off the island have gone mad; Michael, Hurley and Jack. Now looking at these survivors they have nothing to live for. Michael has fallen out with Walt. Hurley has absolutely no one. Jack has Kate but now that Aaron’s in the mix that doesn’t bode well for Jack. Now looking at the survivors that hasn’t gone mad; Sayid has a mission to kill all Widmore’s lackeys, Sun has Ji-Yeon, and Kate has Aaron and vice versa.

The survivors who go mad see’s apparitions from their past; for Jack it’s his Dad, for Michael it’s Libby and for Hurley it’s Charlie. So are these apparitions only fictions of their imaginations of what they want to see or happen? Or is it Jacob/ Island manipulating them from afar, in order to call them back? Thats a question for another day perhaps.

From what I can fathom from this whole mind bending story line is that the key to all of this is Aaron. Is Aaron the grandson of Jacob? That fits into the theory of Christian Shephard being Jacob, but it’s really too farfetched to my liking. Maybe Jacob takes on the guise of Christian to spread his word since he doesn’t have a body. Or maybe, maybe (I really think I’m onto something here..A light bulb just went off in my head..ok hear me out) Jacob doesn’t have a body. A dead body dropped onto the island on a coffin. Jacob transferred his spirit or soul into that body and is using that body as a conduit to communicate with the people on the island. That would explain why Christian’s body wasn’t in the coffin when Jack found it. And I would go as far out as to say that the coffin that Jack visits in the third season finale contains the body of none other than Christian Shephard. That would totally blow our minds wouldn’t it? Haha..So the new vessel for Jacob would be Locke. 0_o

Ok ok that’s totally crazy. I’ll stop now. So Aaron is really important that we know. Claire disappears into the jungle with Christian/Jacob whoever and leaves Aaron behind. Weird. Is that how Aaron ends up with Kate? There should be a reunion of Claire, Jack and Christian before the season ends me thinks so Claire should pop up once again before they get off the island. I don’t think Claire dies; Claire has to stay on the island for some reason.

Aah now I’m having a headache. Enough LOST thinking for one day. So cheerio until next episode.

Oh and wasn’t there a great moment between Juliet, Kate and Jack. Awwwww ^_^

Thousand apologies for the quality of writing. =P


6 Responses to “LOST – Something Nice Back Home”

  1. subcorpus Says:

    waiting for the review of iron man …
    lost sucks … after season two that is … 😛

  2. nass Says:

    it was too emotional really…

    so there was this bit about Kate ‘doing something for Sawyer’… do u think it concerns Sawyer’s lil kid from the big con?

    u know this Jacob dude really creeps me out…

  3. Arky Says:

    lost lost lost… how lost i feel when watching lost… it is my cruel master, giving me enough for me to stay, intrigued, but withholding enough to make me constantly want to leave… tis irony or something. 😛

  4. maail Says:

    nass: yes Sawyers kid. Kate has already met the mother of the child in one of the previous episodes.

  5. Wentz Says:

    All things considered, the path they seam to be taking isnt clear. With all do respects I hope I dotn offend anyone by saying this.

  6. Erwin Says:

    Great Post, Thank you for the info, it was much needed.

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