Iron Man – Review (No Spoilers)

Iron Man is one of those movies that has all the ingredients needed to succeed. It’s just how you apply the ingredients to get the best flavour of it that makes or breaks a movie. In the case of Iron Man you’ve a got a cocky play boy who was born rich and successful. On top of being cocky and a womaniser he’s got an awesome sense of humour to boot. Throw in a coming of age story that rivals any other, and great over the top, realistic action sequences that make Autobots and Decepticons look like so 2007, you’ve got summer block buster in the making. But just to make things clear, this is no “No Country for Old Men” nor “There Will Be Blood” like movie of the year material; just a plain old great summer blockbuster. Might probably be the best movie of this summer, but I predict the Joker will beg to differ.

I actually went to this movie with really low expectations. After last summer’s disappointing Spider Man sequel my radar for superhero movies were on the low. Although I must admit Hulk is looking like a really mouth watering prospect, what with Edward Norton donning the fury green and the rumours of Iron Man making an appearance. Not to mention the dark grittiness Joker is bringing to the Dark Knight, this one of those summers that are going to be dominated by superheroes. I digress.

As I was saying after going to the movie with really low expectations I was more than pleasantly surprised after the first few conversations that Tony Stark had with the soldiers. Robert Downy Jr. had me sold from the start. He just seems to thrive on the role of Tony Stark. The wittiness and arrogance he brought to the character was absolutely flawless and completely believable and really darn funny as well. Robert Downy Jr. actually MADE this movie into a hit. I don’t think anyone else could have taken the character of Tony Stark onto the big screen and run with it as well as Downy did. The other actors weren’t any slouch’s either. Gwenyth Paltrow as Pepper Potts was amazing as well; didn’t think she could pull off being a red head. She was soo beautiful in the movie and the chemistry between her and Downy Jr. was unbelievable. There was sexual tension in the air in every scene they had and it was such a pleasant change after all the tragic ‘I’m a superhero and you can’t be my girl friend/wife since you will be in danger all the time’ relationship dramas that we had got so much accustomed to. And Obidiah; he’s just one big scary badass dude, is all that I can say.

The special effects in the movie felt so real. I didn’t even think it was CGI at all when I was looking it, like how I felt while watching some scenes of the Transformers. The scene where Iron Man was fleeing from some Jets was just plain awesome. Industrial Light & Magic is your new go to guys on CGI. Masi Oka probably stopped time to work on the scenes for as long as possible me thinks. =P

Most of the people that I know who has watched the movie was really pleased after watching it. Although I do know some people who didn’t like it at all but that’s probably due to their moods while watching the movie I suppose. There is absolutely no way that you can hate this movie. You owe it to yourselves to watch this movie in the best quality possible. This is one of those rare movies that people of all ages can enjoy due to the witty dialogue and just plain great story telling. So give it a go and don’t forget to watch till the end of the credits. 😉

The only thing I didn’t like about the movie was the movie poster. It’s just so 90’s. Maybe they are going for the retro look. Who knows? Meh..


9 Responses to “Iron Man – Review (No Spoilers)”

  1. nass Says:

    Yeh, it was better than I expected too.

    I wasn’t able to hear some of the jokes properly coz of the way he talked (he talked a bit fast sometimes)… or maybe it’s because of me being deaf thanks to years of listening to heavy metal music at full volume. I think it’s the latter.

    The only negative point perhaps was the lack of .. u know… engagement in combat.. there were only two major fight scenes (if u don’t count the scenes before Iron Man came into the picture).. but I guess it’ll be better in the future movies.

    Prolly the best movie I’ve seen this year…

  2. patrick Says:

    Iron Man was a practically flawless hero flick; its makers drop some pretty obvious sequel hints too… i’m thinking the next one should be equally great

  3. subcorpus Says:

    saw a crappy screen copy which made wish i havent seen it …
    these kinda movies r meant to be watched in cineplexes or on big ass HDTV …
    anyways … i feel this is just an introductory movie for ironman …
    the sequels are gonna dwell more on his personality and explore a more darker side …
    someone plz gimme a RS link for an R5 asap … 😛

  4. Arky Says:

    ok, let me start off by saying, I TOLD YOU SO!!! 😛

    i told you it’d be awesome. i totally effin’ told u! ^_^ [not u, specifically, but as it was on my blog and you responded… :P]

    i am going to dl asap. XD yay!! *dances around*

    future movies may explore his alcoholism and maybe the armor wars arc where due to industrial espionage, ppl get their mitts on ironman tech and make their own suits for their own purposes… yup. awesome. ^^

  5. maail Says:

    arky: i did? when?? *thinking*

    yeah like i said i went to the movie without any i guess i might have enjoyed it more..oh and i’m allowed to be wrong once in awhile =P

  6. . : Apple : . Says:

    shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit….

    I just wish sister would get all these movies n series ..>_<.. she aint even got heroes season 2!!..

  7. maail Says:

    apples: don’t worry i’ll hook you up when i get back 😉

  8. kaiza shozey Says:

    i really enjoyed the movie. got two copies of it. one really bad and the other one really good. prob was that the one that was good had german audio but the bad one had english. sooooo, we kinda played em both at the same time, put one in mute and synchd it. hehe. and it actually worked. loved the movie. especially his suit.

  9. Loren Rada Says:

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