New McGyver Movie ?

Who doesn’t remember the crazy guy who gets stuck in the most impossible situations and conjures up an escape with everyday household items? That guy’s coming back in a high-budget movie sometime in the near future.

I grew up watching McGyver and his crazy antics on TVM Plus. That and the X-Files were the best thing on the TV then. Wonder if the movie will have a new actor. I would prefer the old one; McGyver aged but obviously smarter than before. The dude who played McGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) is pretty old now but if Indie can make a comebackafter almost twenty years why can’t he? I would luurve to see this movie. Strangely enough, a week back, I was thinking why the hell McGyver hadn’t made a comeback in a remake of sorts. I guess I should think about these things more =P.

Enjoy some McGyver goodness in the following video commercial.

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