LOST – Cabin Fever

Let’s Move the Island? Easier said than done John.

Things are really coming full circle in LOST isn’t it? But in true LOST fashion we are getting more questions as some of them are getting answered. Great to see Richard back again; missed the guy. He seems really calm during everything. Makes me think he’s the only one who knows what’s really going on; not even Ben knows everything right? Speaking of, great “Awwwww” moment shared by Hurley and Ben. The comedic bits seemed to have gone this season due the demise of good ol’ Charlie but Hurley is doing his best to carry the burden. These small portions really define LOST; seems like the writer’s are telling us not to take things seriously, and just enjoy the ride without obsessing about LOST on message boards. But that is easier said than done as well.

Moving on, we saw Locke’s childhood in this episode. Interesting facts; both Locke’s and Ben’s mothers were named Emily, both of them were born in the second trimester of pregnancy. Locke had a drawing of the smoke monster on his wall; is this going in true Galactica fashion? “All of this has happened before and will happen again.” Are they stuck in a time loop? Is that why Locke was asked to choose items from his past life/future? Really interesting and very weird.

The whole episode was weird. Claire turning up all smirky in Jacob’s cabin with Christian who tells Locke to move the island, so that the LOSTIES can survive Keamy’s Onslaught. Nice title no? Keamy’s Onslaught starring “Mad-Eye” Keamy and his side-kick Omar who receives morse codes from the future. xD  I kid. The whole Island time thing has really gone off the rocker. First the island time was slower than the outside world. Now it’s faster? The doctor turned up on the beach, his throat slit in the previous episode but we see the doctor getting his throat cut on the boat in this episode. I got a theory for this. When an object passes through to and from the island on the wrong coordinates the time gets frakked up. Easy enough right?

So what else? Yeah Matthew Abbadon turned up and wanted Locke to go to Australia. He wanted Locke on the island. Is that true for all the passengers on Flight 815? Claire was manipulated to get on the Flight. Jack had to go get his “Dead” father. Hurley wanted to know the truth about the numbers. And so on..

Next week the first episode of the three part season finale. “There’s No Place Like Home”. Want to bet whether or not red shoes are going to play a big part in this one? 😉

Quote of the Week

Ben: Destiny John, is a fickle bitch.


6 Responses to “LOST – Cabin Fever”

  1. nass Says:

    well it’s getting more interesting by the minute isn’t it…

    BTW, this Richard Guy, doesn’t he get old? When Ben was small, he ran into Richard in the jungle who had long hair back then and was wearing dirty clothes.

    But when Richard went to meet the young Locke, his hair was cut and he was all professionally dressed.

    Was he time travelling or IT’S THE ISLAND getting on my nerves??

  2. maail Says:

    nass: Richard doesn’t get old. I think he’s one of the survivors of the Black Rock or more possibly one of the original inhabitants of the island i.e descendents of the four foot statue people.

  3. Gryskó Says:

    Let me shout here about lost a lil bit.

    Well, the ‘island moving theory’ is really confusing. There are so many ‘guesses’. One may be moving as per time (not physically). If that happens, it will again bring confusion n mysteries.

    Another way could be the real physical movement. May be the island has moved a lil bit recently 😀 cox the direction has changed from 325 (when michael n walt left) to 305 (at present).

    But, isnt now too late for a movement?? cox we have seen keamy’s helicopters flying over the island :S

    I like the facts u have found about locke n ben.. never noticed it.

    n i like ur new header.

  4. maail Says:

    Grysko: Nice observations :D. Yeah maybe it can move through time. Would explain a lot of things then wouldn’t it?

    Yeah and the direction did change. Maybe the Cap’n gave the wrong coordinates to Sayid? Or maybe the island may have been moving the whole time. Confusing as hell.

  5. seismikue Says:

    nass is right! i think this richard guy is immortal! :S he surely got some connection with the island!

  6. QueenB Says:

    I havent watched lost since season 3 but I just finished the 360 game and its all intriguing me again!

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