Speed Racer – Review

At this time and moment Speed Racer is in the front running for my Movie of the Year. Yeah, I know it’s not doing well and most of the reviews that it’s getting are rotten, but hey this is directed at a specific audience and I’m one of them. Although I’ve got to say some of those reviews are really harsh. What the Wachowski Brothers (The Wachowski brother and Sister?) tried to do was bring an over the top 60’s Anime (and we all know how over the top anime’s are don’t we?) to a big screen and make it all believable. And they frickin’ succeeded, and in the process they made a beautiful and visually stunning cinematic experience like no other. What this movie has over Iron Man is that, it has heart, and lots of it. Spoilers after the jump.

I was a big BIG fan of Speed Racer when I was a kid. I would sit there watching Speed Racer even when I had to go to school, well at least till Mom yelled at me to go shower. xD  Although I was really looking forward to relive my childhood again, after reading some reviews for the movie I was like OMG another franchise ruined tsk tsk. So I didn’t bother seeing it on the first day but after watching good ol’ TRS review it, I decided to check it out. During the first few minutes of the movie I was like, whoa this is horrible. Nothing seemed right and everything was all over the place. It was mostly due to the kid who played young Speed; he made Speed into an obnoxious little kid. But after the introduction and the race started I was on the edge of my seat. It was frickin’ unbelievable. The colour effects were mind blowing and direction the movie took and how the story was told is amazing. The movie was just like a Cartoon; a cartoon starring live actors.

The casting was absolutely perfect for the movie. Matthew Fox excelled in the role of Racer X which made me think he had the potential to star in a movie which I will talk about in another post. It must have been hard for the actors to act in front of a green screen all the time without knowing what was actually happening on the screen, but they did it very well I must add. The story didn’t excel in the dialogue department and didn’t have much of “acting scenes” in a sense, as two thirds of the movie was just plain racing. But even through that, the supporting characters, Speed’s family, was developed so well that you just can’t help feeling for their characters. Spridal and Chim Chim as the comedy pair was hilarious, popping up in every place that they weren’t needed, and helping out whenever they could. Pops and Speed’s Mom lit up the screen whenever they had a scene with comforting words for Speed to excel in the races. And Trixie, was just Trixie, supporting Speed all the way. That’s all you could ever ask from a girl friend isn’t it?

Like I said before the races were amazing. The gizmo’s that Speed and his adversaries used were almost exactly the same as in the Cartoons. Me was one happy fanboy ^^. One scene in particular caught my eye; the fight scene. It was frickin’ unbelievable. Slow motion parts, and the colours fading in and out while everyone was kicking the bad guys arses’ was simply awesome. Wachowski’s always seem to excel in the fighting scenes don’t they? But this was a completely different cup of tea compared to the Matrix, but still as darn good, but funnier. ^^

I actually thought the movie was ending just after Speed won, but lost the second race, and thought, nooo they can’t do this. That’s just so going to suck. I was so sucked into the movie that I didn’t even realise what happened was going to happen, cause after it happened I was like, that was so predictable but I didn’t expect that. Haha .So kudos’ to the Wachowski’s for fooling me, doesn’t happen often mind you. xp After that scene I was really pumped up for the final race and I was on the edge of my seat rooting for Speed, although I knew he was going to win. And I admit I teared up a bit during the monologue in the last race where everything seemed to fall into place and the Speed Racer anime theme came up. Awesome!!!

I was smiling all the way out of the cinema after watching it and listening to the music that came during the credits. They had some corny dialogue taken from the anime with some background music saying “You won this time Speed. But we will back to get you next time!!” XD . I so love the Wachowski’s after that. TOTAL fan service.

You should take heed from the review. This movie isn’t for everyone. This movie has effects like “Pushing Daisies”, has but thousand times more. So if you did like Pushing Daisies you will probably like it. And you shouldn’t watch a bad copy of the movie if you want to enjoy it in all its glory. This movie deserves to be seen on the big screen. I know I said the same for Iron Man, but I MEAN it for both. This summer is becoming one of the best summers for movies in a really long, long time.

Coming up next: Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian and Indiana Jones 4 ^^


3 Responses to “Speed Racer – Review”

  1. nass Says:

    Yeh it was nice.

    I loved the little guy, who I have to say was probably one of the best kid actors I’ve seen. His performance was great.

    Before Racer X took of his mask there were some moments when I thought his voice sounded familiar…

    I’ve to say say I liked the movie even though I didn’t watch the cartoon version. At first when the movie started and they showed a car race i thought it looked a bit cartoonish but later it was cool.

    The casting was ok, but i think the girlfriend didn’t fit in… maybe it was her hair, i dunno 😛

    Cool movie overall.

  2. TIVIUS Says:

    GREAT REVIEW ! ^__^

    Thank you for stating the truth – It is an incredible film.
    Movie of the Year: My vote says YES.

  3. shaari Says:

    hmmm wachowski brothers’ return to directing after the mighty matrix. gotta be good. but compared to iron man the reviews are rather bad. rotten as u say. let’s see. i’ll watch iron man first though…

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