The Best Footie Commercial Ever – Nike

You’ve gotto see it to believe it. They really have taken it to the next level.

Better quality download link.


11 Responses to “The Best Footie Commercial Ever – Nike”

  1. nass Says:

    who do u think it is? van persie?

  2. i - k k o Says:


  3. subcorpus Says:

    dont watch soccer much …
    but the ad is good …

  4. Arky Says:

    what exactly IS the next level…? *raises eyebrow*

  5. maail Says:

    nass: yeah probably

    arky: that is

  6. Control Freak Says:

    the guy is dutch, plays for arsenal & is RIGHT he cant be van persie

  7. maail Says:

    yeah your right..i did some digging around in fm and there’s an 17 year old attacking midfielder who is pretty good named Nacer Barazite who is right footed..well fits the profile right

    i actually think that person is us..the viewers you know hehe

  8. Control Freak Says:

    cant be me..
    i would’ve battered christiano ronaldo 😀

  9. kudaboalha Says:

    Refreshing ad. really kewl

  10. QueenB Says:

    Next level is footballs that play by themselves :P. Good ad.

  11. maail Says:


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