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LOST – Cabin Fever

May 12, 2008

Let’s Move the Island? Easier said than done John.

Things are really coming full circle in LOST isn’t it? But in true LOST fashion we are getting more questions as some of them are getting answered. Great to see Richard back again; missed the guy. He seems really calm during everything. Makes me think he’s the only one who knows what’s really going on; not even Ben knows everything right? Speaking of, great “Awwwww” moment shared by Hurley and Ben. The comedic bits seemed to have gone this season due the demise of good ol’ Charlie but Hurley is doing his best to carry the burden. These small portions really define LOST; seems like the writer’s are telling us not to take things seriously, and just enjoy the ride without obsessing about LOST on message boards. But that is easier said than done as well.

Moving on, we saw Locke’s childhood in this episode. Interesting facts; both Locke’s and Ben’s mothers were named Emily, both of them were born in the second trimester of pregnancy. Locke had a drawing of the smoke monster on his wall; is this going in true Galactica fashion? “All of this has happened before and will happen again.” Are they stuck in a time loop? Is that why Locke was asked to choose items from his past life/future? Really interesting and very weird.

The whole episode was weird. Claire turning up all smirky in Jacob’s cabin with Christian who tells Locke to move the island, so that the LOSTIES can survive Keamy’s Onslaught. Nice title no? Keamy’s Onslaught starring “Mad-Eye” Keamy and his side-kick Omar who receives morse codes from the future. xD  I kid. The whole Island time thing has really gone off the rocker. First the island time was slower than the outside world. Now it’s faster? The doctor turned up on the beach, his throat slit in the previous episode but we see the doctor getting his throat cut on the boat in this episode. I got a theory for this. When an object passes through to and from the island on the wrong coordinates the time gets frakked up. Easy enough right?

So what else? Yeah Matthew Abbadon turned up and wanted Locke to go to Australia. He wanted Locke on the island. Is that true for all the passengers on Flight 815? Claire was manipulated to get on the Flight. Jack had to go get his “Dead” father. Hurley wanted to know the truth about the numbers. And so on..

Next week the first episode of the three part season finale. “There’s No Place Like Home”. Want to bet whether or not red shoes are going to play a big part in this one? 😉

Quote of the Week

Ben: Destiny John, is a fickle bitch.


LOST – Something Nice Back Home

May 4, 2008

“Wouldn’t you rather be dreaming about something nice back home?” asks a concerned Bernard as he tries to convince the ever stubborn Jack to go under, as Kate looks on with a worried look in her eyes.  Juliet, with her fiery and resilient demeanour, yells at Kate to leave the makeshift OR while Jack quivers in pain as the cold, hard metal cuts into his flesh. Bernard, finally having enough, drugs Jack who growls in pain and slowly passes into future dreams of himself back home with Kate and Aaron.

You think that’s how the script is written? xD

Probably not. Oh and the last line was a lie. He didn’t dream of the future. Well I just like to think of it that way. It’s bittersweet. Well kind of..

This was an emotional episode of LOST, not as emotional as the Desmond episode, mind you, but still up there. We should remember first and foremost LOST is a drama series whistle sci-fi comes second. This was drama played out to its best. And it was pretty good change of pace after that Ben-Centric episode which I didn’t like that much but this episode I loved to bits! You can say that it was a pretty much filler episode, which it kind of was but it did answer some questions that we didn’t know. I actually like some of the filler LOST episodes more than the Mythology ones. The Nikki and Paolo, “Hitchcockien” episode comes to mind.  Loved how Hurley tried to figure out what Nikki said. “Powerlines..oh wait I got it dude..Paolo lies!!” (Well something along that line) while in fact it was “Paralysed”. Great episode. I digress, let’s move on shall we?

Jack finally got to live his dream of spending his life with Kate and Aaron (comes with the package =P) unknowingly to him that fate had other plans. Fate in this case was named Charlie who gave him the message through Hurley that Jack wasn’t supposed to raise Aaron. Jack then goes through the motions, that leads him in into the state that we see him in the third season finale. Now this leads to interesting question doesn’t it? Most of the survivors that have gotten off the island have gone mad; Michael, Hurley and Jack. Now looking at these survivors they have nothing to live for. Michael has fallen out with Walt. Hurley has absolutely no one. Jack has Kate but now that Aaron’s in the mix that doesn’t bode well for Jack. Now looking at the survivors that hasn’t gone mad; Sayid has a mission to kill all Widmore’s lackeys, Sun has Ji-Yeon, and Kate has Aaron and vice versa.

The survivors who go mad see’s apparitions from their past; for Jack it’s his Dad, for Michael it’s Libby and for Hurley it’s Charlie. So are these apparitions only fictions of their imaginations of what they want to see or happen? Or is it Jacob/ Island manipulating them from afar, in order to call them back? Thats a question for another day perhaps.

From what I can fathom from this whole mind bending story line is that the key to all of this is Aaron. Is Aaron the grandson of Jacob? That fits into the theory of Christian Shephard being Jacob, but it’s really too farfetched to my liking. Maybe Jacob takes on the guise of Christian to spread his word since he doesn’t have a body. Or maybe, maybe (I really think I’m onto something here..A light bulb just went off in my head..ok hear me out) Jacob doesn’t have a body. A dead body dropped onto the island on a coffin. Jacob transferred his spirit or soul into that body and is using that body as a conduit to communicate with the people on the island. That would explain why Christian’s body wasn’t in the coffin when Jack found it. And I would go as far out as to say that the coffin that Jack visits in the third season finale contains the body of none other than Christian Shephard. That would totally blow our minds wouldn’t it? Haha..So the new vessel for Jacob would be Locke. 0_o

Ok ok that’s totally crazy. I’ll stop now. So Aaron is really important that we know. Claire disappears into the jungle with Christian/Jacob whoever and leaves Aaron behind. Weird. Is that how Aaron ends up with Kate? There should be a reunion of Claire, Jack and Christian before the season ends me thinks so Claire should pop up once again before they get off the island. I don’t think Claire dies; Claire has to stay on the island for some reason.

Aah now I’m having a headache. Enough LOST thinking for one day. So cheerio until next episode.

Oh and wasn’t there a great moment between Juliet, Kate and Jack. Awwwww ^_^

Thousand apologies for the quality of writing. =P

LOST – The Shape of Things to Come

May 1, 2008

Here I am sitting near my laptop; nose dripping, ‘insomniacaly’ high on Actifed, listening to Jason Mraz’s crazy tunes , all alone in the apartment and missing my love. It’s the holidays and I’m stuck in the house with the flu and couldn’t even watch Iron Man; was going to write an exclusive review just after I watched it, oh but how plans change. With the last drip wiped from my nose I start writing cursing at Microsoft Word for not making I capital when it should. What should I write about..oh yes LOST; last week’s episode of LOST. I apologize to the people who troll the site for the LOST reviews without leaving any comments (you should be ashamed of yourselves..Don’t you know I need encouragement? Actually I don’t. I’m not in my right state of mind. So just ignore the stuff in the parenthesis =P).I was busy with the assignments and sneaking some minutes of my time to play MGS and to talk to my love.

Anyways let’s get into it shall we? Ben ‘Indiana Jones/James Bond’ Lynus manipulated and deceived his way into Sayid’s good graces in the future; October 2005 to be exact I think. He later visited Widmore in his bedroom and said he changed the rules. What are the rules and who determines the rules? I’ll go out on a limb here and say it’s none other than Jacob. It’s a game between two powerful men to get control of the mysterious island whose real owner is the cabin moving Jacob. While we can contemplate on why Jacob is a person who likes a change in scenery per hour, we should get into more important matters.

Jacob first choses Widmore as his lackey but Widmore betrayed Jacob’s trust by forming the Dharma Initiative and ‘experimenting’ with the island’s properties. That pissed Jacob off and Ben came into the picture. Jacob saw a lot of potential in Ben and gave him the sole reign of island and the responsibility of  protecting it. Smokey is none other than the island’s judge and jury and eliminates any threats to the island including Keamy’s Army. Ben can’t control Smokey but he can call him when needed as seen in this episode. Ben somehow fell out with Jacob and the ownership is passed to Locke temporarily. Due to Locke’s incompetence and him partly going mad Hurley was chosen. And now he’s the only one that can communicate with Jacob. Ben knows if he has Hurley he can get into Jacob’s good graces and we see that he did as he probably with the help of Jacob transported himself off the island in 2005. I don’t think he travelled through time to get there. The travelling and arriving happened in 2005, give or take a few days. Well that’s the theory I’m going with now according to incidents of the episode.

The episode had pretty much a big game changer, with Alex’s death at the hand of a somewhat hesitant Keemy and the death threat on Penny Widmore by Ben. Penny and Desmond better have a happy ending else I would be really pissed off. Desmond’s my favourite character with Ben a little behind, and if anything happened to Penny it would prove that the world is a really frakked up place, and this being a drama show really needs a happy ending.

I was really impressed with Ben’s character development. He’s number one on my favourite Villains in a tv-series list. Lional Luthor, Dan Scott, The Cigarette Smoking Man, Baltar and Arvine Sloane of Alias complete the list. Currently Cigarette Smoking Man and Ben are battling out for Villain Supremacy and Ben is on top at the moment.

The funniest thing that happened in the episode was Sawyer telling the no-named losties to get inside the house when Keamy and Co were trigger happy. Every time he said that one no-name dies and another comes out. That was darn funny. Kind of reminds me of old horror flicks/ and the new bad ones with stupid people dying. If you hear shooting don’t run out to see what’s going on! Stay in a safe place or else you’ll get someone’s foot in your ass! Dumbasses!!! (Oh how much I miss Red..)

I don’t know whose episode tomorrow’s one is. I’m done reading up LOST news; I get spoilt every time. I knew Ben was going to go all out commando on some Arabs and speak fluent inaudible languages. So the episode didn’t impress me that much. Hope tomorrow’s episode can one up this one.

Cya then. Hopefully I’ll be saner, and more coherent, ‘words-written-on-blog-posts’ wise. =P

Cool nifty feature down there don’t you think? Ugly interface but the backbone seems solid now.

LOST – Meet Kevin Johnson

March 24, 2008

Let’s make this short and sweet shall we?

We found out that Michael was Ben’s contact on the boat.

In Michael’s flashback Tom went to back to get Michael, who is in the outs with Walt. Tom is finally confirmed to be gay, but that was given out early in season 3 when Tom said that Kate wasn’t his “type”.

Tom tells Michael that Widmore is responsible for the fake 815 and that he dug up the bodies somewhere in Thailand?? What??? Must have been one rural area for the dug up graves not to get noticed.

Karl dies and Roussoue gets shot when they go with Alex to find the temple on Ben’s wishes. I think the guys that shot them were probably Omar and Keamy who went back with Frank. The reason for that is that the Helicopter is missing from the freight and so is Frank. Keamy is shown shooting in Michaels flash back. So put two and two together and tan daaa~. But I could be wrong of course. I read an interview of the guy who plays Karl and he says that when they shot the scene there were guys in camouflage with sniper rifles. But they didn’t show that in the scene so probably that’s going to be shown in an upcoming episode.

Oh and I think that Alex might be pregnant. Did you notice that Alex looked pretty hot during this episode? I think they wanted to show that Alex was glowing due to her pregnancy. Well I’m 99% sure about that. Even if Ben was the mastermind behind Karl getting killed that would have been to no avail. Karl finally puts one over Ben. Hehe..

On the freight Sayid rats out on Michael and Captain Gault doesn’t seem to be surprised. Maybe he already knew and he’s also working for Ben???

Here are some interesting tidbits from the Lost Podcast done by the creators.

– Aaron is one of the Oceanic 6. So the list consists of Jack, Kate, Sayid, Sun, Hurley and Aaron.

– There is going to be another electromagnetic event this season. So expect one more purple haze in the sky.

– There will be more information on the four toed statue and Black Rock in the last five episodes of the season.

– The name of the next episode is called “The Shape of Things to Come” and is rumored to be a Sayid Flash Forward.

– Aaand the writer’s code name for the season finale’s secret scene is “The Frozen Donkey Wheel.”

Next episode airs on April 24th. Hopefully I will be free of the whole college craze. Till then stay LOST!! 😛

LOST – Ji-Yeon

March 15, 2008

This episode got back to the original pacing of the season four’s episode after the horrible Juliet-centric episode. We got a flash back and a flash forward in one this time. The writer’s seem to be surprising us every time with their ingenuity. We have gotten flash forwards, flash back’s, time travel (flash back and present), and now a flash back and flash forward in one episode, in this season alone. I don’t know what they are going to come up with next, but I’m sure they will up the anti again in the coming episodes and I can’t frickin’ wait.

I’ve got to say this episode was bittersweet. I loved how the story was lead so that the flash forward looked like present/future time and the ending was brilliant, which is a mystery all on its own and opens so many doors for the writers. They can go in any direction they want.


Sun didn’t trust Dan and Charlotte, and she decided to go Locke’s camp with Jin. Juliet tried to stop them from going, because she believed Sun needed to get off the island as soon as she could, for the safety of Sun and her baby. Since coaxing Jin didn’t work she told him about the affair that Sun had with that bald guy. That brought an end for their journey back to Locke’s camp, with Jin going fishing accompanied by Bernerd, obviously broken hearted. After a good talk about Karma with Bernerd, Jin heads back to his wife believing that the way he treated her, lead her to have her affair.


On the ship the duo of Sayid and Dezz meets the ship’s captain, Gault. A Wikipedia search of Gault brings up an interesting read. Gault seems to be really open with our duo, telling them that the freight was hired by Charles Widmore and he even knew that Desmond knew Widmore. So that means that Widmore already knew Desmond was on the island. So most probably Widmore has a spy on the island? Would be pretty cool wouldn’t it? One of the people who crashed onto the island is a spy of Widmore’s. Interesting. Anyways we learn that Widmore funded the expedition to find the fake 815 and their survivors, and Gault believes that Ben staged the whole thing, but he is flabbergasted by how much resources and even dead bodies would be needed to replicate the whole scene down to the black box of the flight. I call supernatural happening, or maybe even clones. 😀

The other really weird thing that is happening on that ship is people are going mad. Not the mad that Desmond and Minkowski went through. As Gault put it, “Cabin Fever”.

Cabin fever is a condition that produces restlessness and irritability caused from being in a confined space. The actual term is slang for a claustrophobic reaction that takes place when a party is isolated and/or shut in, alone or together, for an extended period. (Wikipedia)

Regina jumped off the ship with chains around her neck. The scene was disturbing and awesome at the same time. What the hell is going on with the people on the ship? Is it the sickness that Rouessou talked about? Or is it the side effects Dan talked about?

Oh and yeah we finally got to meet Ben’s contact on the ship. It’s not Michael, its Kevin Johnson!!! But he has taken over Michael’s body and is nothing but a freight cleaning zombie!!! Haha! All kidding aside, it was obvious that it was going to be Michael. Sayid and Dezz didn’t spill on Kevin’s real identity since they knew that Ben’s contact was helping them. For people who think Desmond had already met Michael before; they have never ever met before FYI. (Desmond was in the first four episodes of season 2, left and came back in the last. Michael was with the tail-sectioners in the start of the second season and eventually wound up with the Other’s, then came back and killed Anna-Lucia and Libby, and took Jack and the gang to Ben. Desmond was on his yacht the whole time getting drunk and eventually drunk on the beach while Michael took Jack and the gang to Ben).But Desmond would have heard about Michael from the losties.

So long story short Michael is Ben’s contact on board who is sabotaging the freight.

Flashback/Flash forward

In the flash back Jin was trying to buy a Panda for some pregnant women who we thought was Sun. When I first saw Jin I kind of suspected it was a flash back, believe it or not because of his hair. Hehe. And then his phone gave it away. We then learn he was on an errand for Mr.Paik and that he had been married for only two months.

Sun was having her baby in the future and wanted Jin to come, but eventually we learn that she was hallucinating and that Jin was dead. Hurley comes to see Sun and Ji-Yeon (the daughter), and is relieved that the other 4 of the Oceanic Six didn’t come and surprisingly so was Sun. Probably Sun and Hurley doesn’t agree on the whole cover-up story of the Oceanic Six. Hurley and Sun visits Jin’s tombstone, which has the date 22nd September 2004 as the day he had died. Which brings up the questions; Is he really dead? We all know he didn’t die in the crash. Maybe he is still one of the people on the island? He had to stay on the island to let Sun go? I’m going with Jin being dead for now. Thing is Sun and Jin’s issues (the affair) was resolved. And we all know what happens when the losties face their demons, they die.

Oceanic Six Standings

The producers have said that by the end of episode seven we would know the identities of the Oceanic Six, so that means Ben can’t be one and the obvious choice is Aaron, although yeah I know he was never on the ships manifest. So here are the standings of right now.







All in all a great episode, next week, you get to “Meet Kevin Johnson”. It’s probably going to be a Michael flash back showing us what happened after he left on the boat. After that one month without LOST. It’s going to be pure torture!!!

LOST – The Other Woman

March 10, 2008

This episode was a pretty much ‘meh’ episode that I wasn’t excited enough to write about it at once. I wanted more episodes like the Constant and I got this. This episode was important for only the reason of continuing the story elements and nothing else. And thus the lateness and plus C++ is killing me. @_@

Nothing important happened in the episode. It was pretty much a Juliet flashback on the island revealing why Juliet wanted to kill Ben earlier in Season 3. She had an affair with Goodwin and Ben got jealous and yada yada yada.

And I don’t get what Dan and Charlottes deal is. Couldn’t they just have told Jack and Juliet that they were going to neutralize the “toxic gas”? Would have saved us all the trouble and the suspense. Maybe they still don’t trust the Losties I guess.

The only big reveal in this episode was that Charles Widmore is the owner of the Frieghter and that he was searching for the island and Ben knows about it. Raise your hand if you didn’t see that coming. He tells Locke everything including the identity of his contact on the Frieghter to get his freedom back. And then Ben comes with the line “Meet you guys at dinner tonight” to a bewildered Sawyer and Hurley as if nothing has happened. Classic!

So what else? Uhh Juliet kissed Jack but Kate didn’t see *rolls eyes*. Oh and apparently Ben is gunning for Jack because Juliet is <quote> You’re mine. Alllll miiiine <endquote> {que evil laughter}. Ben has officially become creepier and I’m loving it. 😀

Annnd the quote of the episode goes to Juliet~

“It’s very stressful being an Other, Jack.”

Next week Sun and Jin in Ji-Yeon??? And the contact on board the freighter is revealed. I’d be pretty surprised if it wasn’t Michael.

LOST – Oceanic Six Theory

March 5, 2008

I have to give credit for Ahsan (konchekey) for making me think about LOST again. And I just realized that the answer of the Oceanic Six was right in my face. In last week’s episode we learnt that people who got exposed to a certain amount of radiation experiences the “side effects” when they cross the barrier that blocks the island from the outside world. Yes there is a way to get off the island (following a coordinates of 325 degrees) and it’s not entirely safe and it’s a big risk as well. That’s why only people who weren’t affected by the radiation were able to get off the island. The other 815er’s were quarantined and left there by the people on the Freight or some unknown people. They are probably being experimented on to cure the effects instead of asking them to find their constant on both timelines. The ultimate goal of the people is to harvest the unique properties that the island has, but some of them can’t get on the island because of the barrier and its “side effects”.

Only six people officially can get off the island. Because they were the only six who were affected by the least bit of radiation. You see, when Desmond turned the key in the hatch, the hatch imploded and all the electromagnetic radiation got out(the purple haze). All the people who were on the beach and near the hatch were affected. That means everyone except, Sayid, Jin, Sun, Jack, Kate , Michael, Walt, Sawyer and Hurley were unaffected. They were too far away from the blast area. The “everyone” who I’m referring to hear is the people of flight 815. Not Ben, Juliet and the others. They won’t count as the Oceanic Six because they weren’t on the flight, although they might have faked identities and gotten off the island posing as one of the people on the flight. That’s still a possibility. Aaron also got off the island even though he was on the beach probably Claire was holding him in a blanket near her and she probably absorbed most of the radiation or Aaron doesn’t suffer the effects until later on in his life which I’ll get into later (farfetched I know but still a possibility). So since Claire couldn’t get Aaron off the island she asked Kate to take care of him for her.

So probably 6 of these 9 people are people of the oceanic six.










We already know four. Ben and Aaron cannot be officially one so. The other two has to be one of these people.









We already know that Michael and Walt are regulars this season and will be coming back in one of the episodes. So they probably haven’t gotten back. Could be either of them who knows? But my gut feeling is Sun and Jin.


Ok well that’s my theory of why people cannot get off the island. I think how the series is finally going to end is that somehow Aaron’s go back into the past. Tells Claire that the plane would crash and she informs the authorities and thereby stops the plane from crashing. And the whole thing never happened. Jack never met Kate, Desmond is still pushing the button on the island..and the story can go into any direction.

Well that’s my long theory. What do you think? 😀

LOST – Constant

February 29, 2008

My head is absolutely reeling after the episode. This has to be one of the best if not the best episode of LOST for me brutha’ {insert Scottish accent here}. Some of the viewers might be turned off after watching this episode since LOST has become much more confusing and has just become an entirely science fiction show after events of this episode. I like that they are trying to explain what’s happening on the island in a scientific sense, instead of taking the faith root where stuff happens and you have to believe it and if don’t you’d be lost way. So if you are entirely confused after what happened in this episode, hang in there. I’ll try to make it entirely plausible.

The episode opens with Desmond looking at the picture of him and Penny when he flashes back to the past. Is it just a flash back? No it’s not. It’s…waitforit…time frickin’ travel!!! Which is of course in a sensible way, well at least for me. His mind travels back and forth between 1996 and 2004, where in 1996 he had just joined the Royal Scots and in 2004 he is finally on the Freighties ship. He doesn’t remember the events that had lead to him come to the island and he doesn’t even remember Sayid. So then we meet Minkowski, strapped to a bed because he was also travelling in time through his head. He is thought to be sick by his peers after he tried getting a look at the island. Seems that when people travel back and forth through the island they need to travel on a set bearing so that they wouldn’t encounter any “side effects” aka Time Travel. The side effects, sickness, time travel, whatever u want to call it, seems to happen to people who are exposed to a certain level of radiation, which of course would include Desmond.

Sayid then calls good ol’ Dan to fix the problem. 2004 Dan sends 96’ Desmond to 96’ Dan to help him fix the problem. After some coaxing by Desmond(96’) and experimenting on Dan’s(96’) part, Dan(96’) realizes that the only way to stop the side effects is to find a constant (something that a person cherishes and would hold on to) in the present. The constant for Desmond(96’ and 2004) is Penny(2004). So Desmond(96’) gets Penny’s number and remembers it so that Desmond(2004) can call her, sooo that he can interact with his constant and return everything back to normal. *sigh* And he does. The moment that Desmond finally calls Penny and talks to each other is one of those tear-jerking and heartwarming moments and I can’t wait for these two to unite. I actually care more about Desmond and Penny than anyone else, since somehow over the course of the seasons Desmond and Penny have become the heart and soul of this show.

Onto other happenings. For people who don’t have a clue about the LOST Alternative Reality Game (ARG) which you can check out here, the Black Rock referred to in the painting and the Journal of the ships first mate, bought by Charles Widmore is none other than the Black Rock on the island. I think Richard Alpert (the guy with the eye mascara? (Is it called?)) and the “Others” that Ben encounters when he was a kid are the crew members of the ship. Jacob might even have been the captain of the ship. Anyways the ship set sail from Portsmouth, England in 1845 and crashed onto the island. It was then probably swept more onto the shore by waves somehow and an island being an island expanded, as it should. Thus the shrubs and all the greenery surrounding the ship. Charle’s Widmore most probably knows more than he’s letting on and he might even be the one whose funding the expedition to the island which is of course unknown to Penny Widmore.

And Dan, the oh-so-mighty Dan (best character on the show next to Dezz), has his own motives. He actually sent Desmond(96’) to Dan(96’) for his own gain. I think Dan was having the side effects exactly when he came to the island. This is because he had himself been in contact with radiation on his own accord to do his experiments with time travel. He looked disoriented and out of sorts for a while since he came to the island. He was probably going back and forth for awhile in his head. That might also explain him crying for reasons he couldn’t understand after hearing about Flight 815 crash, in the flashback in which he was introduced in. Or it might happen in future episodes. I so want to see more Dan. He intrigues me so. Let’s just call it a Geek Crush shall we? Anyways Dan(96’) tells Dan(2004) through his journal “that if anything goes wrong, Desmond Hume will be his constant.”Question is why does he cherish Desmond that much? Maybe since Desmond(96’) told Dan(96’) about his time travel, which eventually lead to the events of Dan(2004) coming to the island? Ahhh…So many questions and many answers. I love this show!!!

Oh and that shot where Dan is reading his journal, at the end of the episode is over the top beautiful. My jaw just dropped while watching that scene. The sun setting behind the tree trunk and the white clouds in the blue sky, and the back of the island on the horizon and Dan sitting there reading his journal. Amazing! Kudo’s to the cinematographers.

Next week, a Juliet episode???

P.S who’s your constant? 😉

LOST – Eggtown

February 24, 2008

First of all lets look into the meaning of Eggtown. A wikipedia search of Eggtown gives this result

Egg-town is a pejorative term that refers to the days of bartering, during the Great Depression. A traveling salesman would have to barter his candy or tobacco or shoelaces for different commodities. A poor exchange would be for eggs, a relatively common item that is also highly perishable. Nobody wants to trade for eggs from a traveling salesman because they have their own, so the salesman who accepted an egg in exchange was forced to accept a bad deal. Salesmen would use the term like “If I were you I would stay away from Bogart. That’s an egg-town.” Of course, the lack of trust among salesman was also high, and it was likely that one salesman would lie to another about the quality of a town’s customers to keep them for himself. Invariably, the second salesman ventures into to Bogart only to find it is truly an egg-town. He is either persuaded to not visit a town that has good customers or is tricked into visiting a town that can only offer eggs. The term “egg-town” represents a deal with undesirable outcomes in either case.

Eggtown here probably refers to the deal that Kate made with Miles or the deal Kate made with the Court.

Second of all I have to say, I’m riiiiight~. All my predictions for the people who got off the island are true. See here to check it out. So now we know as I had predicted that Kate was looking after Aaron and that Claire probably didn’t make it off the island. Probably Aaron is not one of the Oceanic Six and there are still two people not accounted for and the producers have said in an interview the other two of the Oceanic Six will be revealed by the end of episode 7. Might be either Ben or Aaron. More about the Oceanic Six later on. Let’s get into the episode.

In this episode we got a hell lot of Kate and we finally know how she was not convicted in the future and more of Locke’s craziness. I really hoped Locke would get into his groove and prove himself and his faith. But the guyer has officially gone off his rocker when he put a grenade into Miles’s mouth. WTF??? Locke is getting frustrated by the minute while Ben seems to be in control still. Ben is an enigma and he is the focal point of this whole show now. Hopefully we get a Ben flashback this season. Anyways Locke is getting crazier by the minute and Kate is still breaking Sawyer’s heart. I feel sorry for that guy and I think Sawyer has run out of story and is going to be the rumored major death that’s going to happen this season.

The back story of the episode was Miles using Kate to get to Ben to ask for 3.2 Million Dollars. Why the exact number? That’s anyones guess. In Kate’s flash forward we learn that she escapes all her charges by making a deal to stay in the state for 10 years. Jack helps out as well by giving a totally fake account of what happened on the island. That’s the story that the Oceanic Six are going with probably for reasons yet unknown. According to Jack’s story only 8 people survived the crash and two died. Probably Jin and Sun? Then we later learn why Jack is not with Kate is he doesn’t want to see Kate’s child, who we much later on learn is infact Claire’s Aaron. The only reason that Jack doesn’t want to see Aaron is, he learns later on the Claire is her half-sister and want’s nothing to with his nephew, because he’s probably disgusted by his father’s affair. This felt like a filler episode for me as I kinda knew the conclusion since they gave so many hints about Kate and Aaron through out the episode.

Back to the Oceanic Six. According to the producers Ben might as well be one of the Oceanic Six. Just as I had predicted earlier on ( I’m too good, I know I know *bows* 😛 ) he might have taken the identity of a person on Flight 815. You can check out the interview here. If Ben and Aaron turn out not to be one of the Oceanic Six I’m going with Sun and Jin since they are the only one left.

Next week’s episode is going to be killer. A Desmond episode always is!

Quote of the Episode :  

Ben to Locke after Locke knows what “Ben is trying to do”.

“Excellent John. You’re evolving.”


LOST- The Economist

February 17, 2008

Well well well. Four right and two more to go 😉 . Oh wait Ben escaped as well. I got that part right and that explains the coffin theory. Ben is in the coffin. Although Ben is probably not one of the Oceanic Six since he’s hiding from “The Economist” and no one knows he’s off the island. Great episode and we are getting so many answers in a little space of time.

The thing that blew me away more than Sayid working for Ben was the payload. 31 minutes and 20 seconds is the time difference between the freighter and the island. The time probably depends on the distance between the island and where ever you are. Meaning there might be about three year’s difference between the island time and the rest of the world; which will explain Walt’s growth spurt when he comes back as well as Richard not aging. The island is the fountain of youth and that’s why everyone is searching for that place and Ben wants it to himself. That also explains why women can’t have children on the island; the growth of babies is too slow. I’m so glad they introduced a new scientist character in Dan. Hopefully he’ll be able to explain everything that’s happening on the island in a scientific way and Miles can hopefully understand the supernatural.

Ok so back to the episode. Sayid is one of the Oceanic Six and is working for Ben by killing people on a List to protect his friends. I don’t think Sayid is in no way a traitor. He’s doing what he has to do to help his friends who are probably the people left on the island. I got an Alias de ja vu when island Sayid discovered Ben’s multiple identity passports. That and the people living in the houses on the island like a happy family and immortality coming into context reminds of Alias (Produced by JJ Abrams who also incidentally was one of the producers of LOST). Is Ben a secret agent? Does he have other ways of getting off the island? Maybe that would explain Ben’s growth since he is aging although he is on the island. He frequently makes trips to the outside world to do whatever he does and maybe Richard is immune to aging since he was on the island too long. Probably “the temple” others are going to is the gateway off the island and the submarine was just a ruse to keep the new comer’s such as Juliet on the island.

After making a trade with Locke to get Charlotte back Sayid and Desmond are off to the freighter with Frank and the body of Naomi. Desmond wants to know why Naomi had a picture of Penny and the Freighties that came to the island admit that they don’t know, so he’s on his way to the Freight. Sayid wants to check out the Freight to determine whether the people on the boat are the “good guys” or not.

Oh man LOST is rocking and I hear people who stopped watching is jumping on the LOST bandwagon again. Next week’s a Kate flash forward and with how the first three episodes were expect it to be filled with a chock full of more answers.

Quote of the Episode:

 Hurley commenting on Miles after he calls Hurley tubby.

“Oh great the boat sent us another Sawyer..” 😀