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Speed Racer – Review

May 16, 2008

At this time and moment Speed Racer is in the front running for my Movie of the Year. Yeah, I know it’s not doing well and most of the reviews that it’s getting are rotten, but hey this is directed at a specific audience and I’m one of them. Although I’ve got to say some of those reviews are really harsh. What the Wachowski Brothers (The Wachowski brother and Sister?) tried to do was bring an over the top 60’s Anime (and we all know how over the top anime’s are don’t we?) to a big screen and make it all believable. And they frickin’ succeeded, and in the process they made a beautiful and visually stunning cinematic experience like no other. What this movie has over Iron Man is that, it has heart, and lots of it. Spoilers after the jump.



Iron Man – Review (No Spoilers)

May 6, 2008

Iron Man is one of those movies that has all the ingredients needed to succeed. It’s just how you apply the ingredients to get the best flavour of it that makes or breaks a movie. In the case of Iron Man you’ve a got a cocky play boy who was born rich and successful. On top of being cocky and a womaniser he’s got an awesome sense of humour to boot. Throw in a coming of age story that rivals any other, and great over the top, realistic action sequences that make Autobots and Decepticons look like so 2007, you’ve got summer block buster in the making. But just to make things clear, this is no “No Country for Old Men” nor “There Will Be Blood” like movie of the year material; just a plain old great summer blockbuster. Might probably be the best movie of this summer, but I predict the Joker will beg to differ.

I actually went to this movie with really low expectations. After last summer’s disappointing Spider Man sequel my radar for superhero movies were on the low. Although I must admit Hulk is looking like a really mouth watering prospect, what with Edward Norton donning the fury green and the rumours of Iron Man making an appearance. Not to mention the dark grittiness Joker is bringing to the Dark Knight, this one of those summers that are going to be dominated by superheroes. I digress.

As I was saying after going to the movie with really low expectations I was more than pleasantly surprised after the first few conversations that Tony Stark had with the soldiers. Robert Downy Jr. had me sold from the start. He just seems to thrive on the role of Tony Stark. The wittiness and arrogance he brought to the character was absolutely flawless and completely believable and really darn funny as well. Robert Downy Jr. actually MADE this movie into a hit. I don’t think anyone else could have taken the character of Tony Stark onto the big screen and run with it as well as Downy did. The other actors weren’t any slouch’s either. Gwenyth Paltrow as Pepper Potts was amazing as well; didn’t think she could pull off being a red head. She was soo beautiful in the movie and the chemistry between her and Downy Jr. was unbelievable. There was sexual tension in the air in every scene they had and it was such a pleasant change after all the tragic ‘I’m a superhero and you can’t be my girl friend/wife since you will be in danger all the time’ relationship dramas that we had got so much accustomed to. And Obidiah; he’s just one big scary badass dude, is all that I can say.

The special effects in the movie felt so real. I didn’t even think it was CGI at all when I was looking it, like how I felt while watching some scenes of the Transformers. The scene where Iron Man was fleeing from some Jets was just plain awesome. Industrial Light & Magic is your new go to guys on CGI. Masi Oka probably stopped time to work on the scenes for as long as possible me thinks. =P

Most of the people that I know who has watched the movie was really pleased after watching it. Although I do know some people who didn’t like it at all but that’s probably due to their moods while watching the movie I suppose. There is absolutely no way that you can hate this movie. You owe it to yourselves to watch this movie in the best quality possible. This is one of those rare movies that people of all ages can enjoy due to the witty dialogue and just plain great story telling. So give it a go and don’t forget to watch till the end of the credits. 😉

The only thing I didn’t like about the movie was the movie poster. It’s just so 90’s. Maybe they are going for the retro look. Who knows? Meh..

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Casting News

February 21, 2008



X-Men Origins: Wolverine is the back story of Logan before he joined the X-Men. Starring alongside him is Gambit and Deadpool as well as his arch-nemesis Sabretooth. I wasn’t actually this excited for this movie before I heard that Gambit was going to be in the movie, who is my favourite character btw. And guess who is playing Gambit? The ideal person for an old Gambit would actually be Sawyer from Lost, who actually got a call up for X3, but they decided to scrap the character. The person playing young Gambit is none other than Taylor Kitsch of Friday Night Lights. The guy looks exactly like Gambit, but my worry about him is, can he change his act from a brooding high-school kid to, a wise-ass card throwing bad-ass who speaks in a Cajun-esque accent? The guy can act and has got the looks to make gals go wild like Remy LeBeau, but is he that good?

The other casting that is entirely spot-on is Deadpool, nicknamed the “Merc with a Mouth” mainly because of his wisecracks, black humor and satirical pop culture references, who is going to be played by Ryan Reynolds. I’m a big fan of Ryan Reynolds and there is no question about how a great actor he is after he strutted his stuff in The Nines and I think this is the best comic based character casting since Wolverine who of course is being reprised by Hugh Jackman in this movie. From what I hear they are going to go with the Weapon X storyline where Wolverine gets his adamantium claws and Deadpool’s cancer is cured by injecting some of Logan’s DNA into his bloodstream which leaves Deadpool mentally unstable. Don’t know how Gambit features into the whole story line since in the Comic Book canon Logan and Remy never met before they joined the X-Men. Due out for a release in May 1st 2009 this will definitely be on my radar.

Update: Dominic Monaghan  aka CHARLIE from LOST!!! has been cast into the movie as Blackwing; a bird like mutant that can fly. This has now become my most anticipated movie of 2009 due that reason and that reason only!!! Can’t wait 😀

Jumper – Review

February 18, 2008


So the other day I watched Jumper. It was probably one of my most anticipated movies of the year. It’s an adaption from the book of the same name written by Steven Gould. From what I hear there were a lot of changes made story-wise in the movie. So anyways the story goes like this. David discovers that he has the ability to teleport from one place to the other, but the catch is that he should be able to visualize where he wants to go. In other words it should be a place he has already gone to by other travelling methods. The movie doesn’t clarify much whether he can go to places he sees in photographs, probably he can, but I’m not that sure. He has photographs lying in his apartment of his “Jump-Sites” which I think he has taken after he had gone there. So yeah, probably he can’t go to places he hasn’t visited before. If any of you know otherwise let me know.

Anyways when he discovers his powers, he leaves his drunk of a father and robs a bank. Who wouldn’t? He was only 15 years old and being abused by his father, abandoned by his mother, and had no money. So he robs the bank. After eight years of living a great life, teleporting where ever he wished he runs into Roland Cox, a Paladin who hunts Jumpers. As history goes Paladin’s have been hunting Jumpers for centuries. Paladin’s has seen Jumpers go mad with power and they put it upon themselves to stop them by killing all Jumpers. So it is an all out war between the Jumpers and Paladins. We only see three Jumpers in the movie. But since this is a trilogy I expect to see more in the sequels. It’s a pretty interesting concept where both parties think they are doing the right thing. There is no good or bad, just Jumpers fighting for their lives and Paladin’s hunting the people who would eventually destroy humanity, possibly. They even show glimpses of how Jumpers doesn’t care about others when Griffin (another Jumper) teleports a large bus filled with people onto Roland Cox. Paladin’s are no saints either as they have killed families of Jumpers just to capture and kill a Jumper. Which is pretty cool.

The effects of jumping and all the actions were awesome! I was like “whoaaaa…” while watching the movie. It was that good. But the story has much to be attained and the movie was too short. I expected to see all out war but instead got two jumpers fighting an arrogant Paladin plus an annoying love story in the middle. The movie has such an awesome premise. They could have done so much more and I’m pretty disappointed at the ending. But hopefully they can make it work in the next two sequels. So all in all it’s a pretty good movie which you will enjoy if you like movies with great action sequences. Who wouldn’t want such an ability to jump wherever you want? That’s the coolest ability ever!! I can think of soooo many things I can do with that ability if I had it. 😉

Oh and yeah apparently David goes to surf in the Maldives. I didn’t know that we got that much “surfable” waves. *shrug*

Best of 2007: Movies

January 28, 2008

My opinion of movies has changed a lot over the past few years. I no longer go to movies and sit there just enjoying the movie and not think about anything. I have a habit of mulling over the story, looking at how it’s shot, the dialogue (whether it fits into the situation), whether I am caring enough about the characters to enjoy the movie etc etc. I have become somewhat of a critic. I’m not saying whether my opinion is right or wrong but that this is how or why I enjoy movies and that I’m entitled to my own opinion as are everyone else. On that note here are my picks for the best 5 movies of 2007.

1. Children of Men (Contrary to what may think this was officially released on the 5th of January 2007)

2. 3:10 to Yuma

3. Juno

4. Michael Clayton

5. Gone Baby Gone

And special mentions goes to The Lookout and The King of Kong. The King of Kong is a documentary about two guys competing for the highest score in Donkey Kong. It might sound lame but it’s a great underdog story which you will get sucked into whether you’re a gamer or not a gamer.

Well there are a couple of great movies that have come out in 2007 I haven’t been able to watch yet and since I didn’t want to put this list off any longer I decided I would go with the ones I have watched. Some of the movies that might get into my list if I watched them are as follows:

No Country for Old Men

There Will Be Blood

Grind House


The Nines

So there you go. No place for Transformers because I still think it sucked. Die Hard 4.0 and 300 were great but still not good enough to get into the list.

Cloverfield Review and Heath Ledger Dead??

January 23, 2008


I didn’t want to do both of these together but this came as a huge shock to me and I just needed to say something about Heath Ledger. I got up this morning went on my daily ritual of surfing my favorite websites, before I went to see Cloverfield, when I saw the news on TVGuide. I was seriously bummed when I saw it. It’s a huge loss. I think he is practically the best Joker that’s going to ever play the role, because he looks so down right creepy in the trailers and the pictures, which is of course what the Joker should look like really . Supposedly he od’d on heroin sleeping pills, and this makes me think, we seem to be living better lives than these celebrities. They got the money and the fame and they are still not happy. What does it take to be happy? Not heroin. For me it’s love, and if these ‘celebrities’ had people who loved them, they wouldn’t have to be in this situation. Want to bets on whose next? Britney or Amy Winehouse? You pick. Call me heartless but I don’t like their music and them as a people. But Heath Ledger may you rest in peace.

Onto Cloverfield. First of all let me say I love monster movies, and I luuurved Godzilla (1998), maybe I wouldn’t like it if I watched it now, since I watched at is a kid and all, but I luurve seeing people in jeopardy as long as it’s not me. Ahem. All I can say is J.J Abrams has done it again. He produced Alias and LOST which were big hits and now Cloverfield which is turning out to be a big hit as well breaking the box office record for January.

The whole movie is filmed with a Camcorder (actually different camcorders but according to the movie only one) by Hudson one of the characters who attends his best friend’s farewell party. So he’s going around filming the whole thing when the city is attacked by a giant monster accompanied by small other monster creatures. This is the story of their horrible experience viewed by the US Army who finds the tape. The whole thing is seen from a first person perspective so you don’t get to see the monster a lot but you see it enough to make a clear image in your head of what it looks like. The monster is pretty darn huge and it goes around wreaking Manhattan even throwing off the head of Statue of Liberty, which was pretty cool. The special effects were pretty well done considering this was filmed with camcorders and they had to make it look as real as possible. I actually got quite dizzy watching the movie since I was so engrossed in it and since the camera was going to and fro in all directions. But it was one great experience. I actually thought of that once scene in Children of Men where the guy goes into the battlefield to rescue the baby, which was shot on one take (which was pretty darn amazing), while looking at some of the scenes in the movie. It’s surreal. I think most of them won’t like the movie because it ended abruptly without answering much questions. But I like it better that way and I don’t want any sequels (which was hinted after the credits, some guys over at youtube played backwards the creepy message that is after the credits to hear ‘it’s not dead’) since I like leaving stuff to the imagination.

There are so many things I missed in the movie because it was one great helluva ride and I was in shock by how great it was. There are some things that I found online after watching it. After the camera goes to black we supposedly see a satellite falling into the sea (which is actually what happened one month earlier) and this satellite awakened this monster which was in hibernation for about 1000 of years under the sea. This has been confirmed by J.J Abrams to be true. There was some online viral marketing going on for the movie which I missed but there is this connection with the main character Jason and the company whose satellite fell down. It’s a Japanese company named Turigato and he was leaving to work there as a Vice President. Coincidence? Me don’t think so when it comes to J.J.

I hope there is no sequel. The concept was great so was the special effects as well the story, the acting not so much, but they accomplished what they tried to do; which was to get some monster loving for the United States trumping Godzilla of Japan’s. So all in all I’ll definitely by the DVD when it comes out hopefully because this is one of the best movies I’ve seen and I’d love to see the extra stuff they’ve added to it.

Is this is the Cloverfield Monster?

January 14, 2008




These are some drawings done by fans that have been at the Cloverfield pre-screenings. Looks pretty badass in my opinion. Can’t wait to watch it on the 18th!

via FilmSchoolRejects 

August 7, 2007

I’m High On Bourne

I just can’t wait for the Bourne Ultimatum.

This movie is going to be the best action movie out this year, from all the reviews that I’m hearing.

Don’t know why the hell they are showing it here in Malaysia in September. Grrr

This movie proves going with ultimate badass’s with the initials JB really pays off.

James Bond, Jack Baur, and Jason Bourne.

I rest my case. 😀

July 28, 2007

The Dark Knight Teaser Trailer

I haven’t been this excited for a movie in a really long time.

Heath Ledger is shaping out to be the best joker ever. That laughter is bone chilling.

The joker has started his viral campaign to recruit followers. Click here if you want to join.