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i’ve moved to better and simpler pastures

January 20, 2009

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LOST reviews will be there per episode and before that thoughts on season 4. 😉


LOST Producers Interviewed

May 6, 2008

Some really serious questions were answered. Must watch for all LOST fans. =P

New McGyver Movie ?

May 6, 2008

Who doesn’t remember the crazy guy who gets stuck in the most impossible situations and conjures up an escape with everyday household items? That guy’s coming back in a high-budget movie sometime in the near future.

I grew up watching McGyver and his crazy antics on TVM Plus. That and the X-Files were the best thing on the TV then. Wonder if the movie will have a new actor. I would prefer the old one; McGyver aged but obviously smarter than before. The dude who played McGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) is pretty old now but if Indie can make a comebackafter almost twenty years why can’t he? I would luurve to see this movie. Strangely enough, a week back, I was thinking why the hell McGyver hadn’t made a comeback in a remake of sorts. I guess I should think about these things more =P.

Enjoy some McGyver goodness in the following video commercial.

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