Metal Gear Solid + MGS4 Theories

May 1, 2008

It’s been ten years since I first played Metal Gear Solid for the PSX. Sure I’ve played it for more than enough times than I can count, but it’s been some years since I haven’t played it. Since Metal Gear Solid 4 is coming out in about two months I got a bit nostalgic and thought of playing Metal Gear Solid series once again albeit this time on the PC.

There’s so many things that can change over the years; your age, tastes, views about certain events that happen in your life and obviously you get mature than when you were twelve. But the awesomeness of the game hasn’t changed at all. I didn’t understand the broader meaning or the message that Hideo Kojima wanted to deliver in the game when I was wee old, but now I can certainly say this game was definitely ahead of its time. The concepts and beliefs expressed by the main protagonists and the antagonists in the series makes you really think over the issues that are facing the world today. You feel for the characters, their reasons for choosing the specific path that they end up in. Sure the story gets a bit cheesy with over the top characters such as Psycho Mantis and Gray Fox but it works. It feels like an anime in a sense but it feels almost real as well. That’s the magic of Hideo Kojima, the perfectionist, who is a master artist in creating a cinematic experience that can rival no other producer in the gaming business. I actually think he should be making movies. Just imagine Hideo Kojima teaming up with JJ Abrams to create the rumoured Metal Gear Solid movie. Not sure about a director though but have Admiral Adama of Battlestar Galactica as Colonel Roy Campbell and I’m definitely in.

From the opening cinematic and the eerie music that accompanies the scene I knew that the game was going to be special from the first moment I saw it. I actually got that music piece as my ringtone at the moment. Yes I admit, I’m such a fanboy ^_^.

Now playing it again I notice some of the most subtle things. How Master Miller/Liquid and Naomi acts before their deceptions; the hints were already there down to their expressions on the codec screen. That shows great planning and carefully planned story telling on the part of Kojima once again. Mixing of real history with the canon of the game; the part about the Gulf War being used as an experiment to test the effects of inserting the genes of Big Boss into the soldiers, to create super soldiers in the mold of Big Boss. The use of nano-machines to control the core body temperature so that it can withstand harsh weather conditions is another interesting concept that was used in the game. Since this was in 1998 I don’t think the concept of nano-machines were openly discussed as a possibility between scientists although it was more widely popularised by Michael Chricton in his scientific thriller “Prey” which is a phenomenal book. So kudos has to be given to Kojima-san for his passion for futuristic technology and integrating that into the game. These are only the tip of the ice-berg of the greatness of the game. To experience the greatness you have to play it.

Looking at the game-play I’m actually really surprised about how much variety there is to the game play. Starts out as a sneaking game of just infiltrating a fortress without getting detected; easy enough right? Then there are the lasers you have you have to crawl past with the help of your cigs/thermal goggles. Then collect some mines on the ground, fight a tank, fire a nikita missile and guide it to a destination, fight a person wearing an exo-skeleton, fight a psychic, use a sniper rifle, take down a Hind Helicopter, lay down an angry Shaman and then battle a huge fricking tank that is out of a Mecha-esque anime.  That is how much variety the game has got, which is absolutely amazing considering the games that are coming out for this generation still can’t compete with this amount of variety to game play. I’m looking at you Dante and Altaire!

Not to mention the over the top humour in the game. How many of you were searching high and low for a cd case in the game to get Meryl’s codec number? Come on don’t be shy raise your hands.  What about Psycho Mantis reading your mind? That has to be the most surprised that I had been in a game ever! ; Mantis reading the data in your memory card to increase the tension and then having to change the controller to a second port so that he could not “read your mind”. Genius! That moment will be remembered by gamers till the end of time.


  • I’m currently playing Sons of Liberty and will post some thoughts on it after I’ve finished it. So let’s get into some theories about what the fourth game.
  • Well we know that Snake has gotten old over a short period of time due to FoxDie and he has to take injections to incubate the ‘olding’ process. In the trailers Snake is seen contemplating on blowing his brains out; I think this is just Kojima frakking with our minds. Snake is going to live and the aging process can be stopped or reversed by none other than Naomi. That is probably going to be done by with Vamp’s blood, since he is a vampire and vamp’s don’t age, duh!
  • Mei Ling will return with her Chinese proverbs; thank god she does as Otacon can never fill that void.
  • The last battle will be at Shadow Moses island; where it all started and the battle will be two Metal Gears beating the frak out of each other, with Snake in Metal Gear Rex and Liquid Ocelot in Metal Gear Ray.
  • Big Boss will make an appearance in the game and then disappear with the latest Metal Gear data.
  • A clone of Frank Jaega, probably in his early twenties, will return with all his memories; if Big Boss was cloned, why wouldn’t the first operative of FoxHound , who earned the honourable code name FOX not? I actually think the next Metal Gear Games will be about Gray Fox with Snake returning in a Roy Campbell role.
  • The Beauty and the Beast unit has the memories of their original code name FoxHound operatives.

Well that’s all I got for now, stay tuned till I finish Sons of Liberty. More theories to come.


New MGS4 Trailer

April 24, 2008

Brand new MGS4: Guns of the Patriots trailer released in Japan with Japanese voice overs. I’ve been playing MGS and MGS2 these days. Will post some stuff that I found interesting while playing the game again as well as some theories for what is going to happen in MGS4. So stay tuned! 😛

Twitter. Give it a try

April 15, 2008

I’ve been using twitter the past few days and there seems to be few Maldivians using it. Now most of the people who read my blog are almost always online surfing the web and chatting and stuff, so why not ask them to check out twitter I ask myself. But not a lot of people get what twitter is all about. Let me try to explain it in my own way and if you don’t get it I’ve put in a youtube video below which explains it in plain English.

My way: Twitter is just a way to communicate with your friends and family members. Let’s say you live far apart and you’re busy with your work and you don’t have time to call your friends or family. That’s where twitter comes in. You just type in what you’re doing at the moment and everyone on your allow list would be able to see your message. Twitter can be integrated to your IM clients as well as even through your mobile phones.

Let me give you an example; the other day I was hanging out with a friend and he left my place and he was going to take a train. Later I saw that he had been stuck at the train station for almost an hour. Yeah of course, he could have messaged me and told me that, but by putting that message he’s telling his other friends where he is as well. Pretty cool me thinks.

Twitter in Plain English

The video was done by They have a lot of videos of stuff explained in “Plain English” as well.

So if you want to give twitter a try add me on Some of the mvbloggers are using Twitter as well.

David Archuleta is an Actor?!?

April 3, 2008

I knew there was something fishy about that guy. 😉

You can watch more of Eric’s rants on Eric’s Vlog.

blog of the month

April 1, 2008

aaand the blog of the month goes to

Prison Break Renewed + Shocker

March 29, 2008

I heard about this news about a week back and since my schedule doesn’t allow me to blog, well actually it does but I’m just too lazy. So for you guys who haven’t heard about this well here goes. Prison Break has been renewed for a fourth season with up to 23 episodes plus Dr.Sarah Tencredi is returning. How can this happen you ask? Well I guess I’ll just have to tell you.

Apparently the whole killing Sarah thing was a smoke screen and it was just a random chicks head in the box ( now there is a line you don’t hear every day eh? ). So she’s returning. I don’t actually care. I’ll still watch the show though to see what happens.

So what do you guys think? Is this just plain poor writing to get back the ratings? Are you excited for season 4?

Note: This isn’t an april fool’s joke. You have been warned!

Sonic Unleashed Leaked Footage

March 24, 2008

Finally a Sonic game worth looking forward to since the 2D era.I’ve always preferred Sonic over Mario and I haven’t been excited for a game in a very long time. If the the game play is good as it looks I’ll definitely be the first in line.

LOST – Meet Kevin Johnson

March 24, 2008

Let’s make this short and sweet shall we?

We found out that Michael was Ben’s contact on the boat.

In Michael’s flashback Tom went to back to get Michael, who is in the outs with Walt. Tom is finally confirmed to be gay, but that was given out early in season 3 when Tom said that Kate wasn’t his “type”.

Tom tells Michael that Widmore is responsible for the fake 815 and that he dug up the bodies somewhere in Thailand?? What??? Must have been one rural area for the dug up graves not to get noticed.

Karl dies and Roussoue gets shot when they go with Alex to find the temple on Ben’s wishes. I think the guys that shot them were probably Omar and Keamy who went back with Frank. The reason for that is that the Helicopter is missing from the freight and so is Frank. Keamy is shown shooting in Michaels flash back. So put two and two together and tan daaa~. But I could be wrong of course. I read an interview of the guy who plays Karl and he says that when they shot the scene there were guys in camouflage with sniper rifles. But they didn’t show that in the scene so probably that’s going to be shown in an upcoming episode.

Oh and I think that Alex might be pregnant. Did you notice that Alex looked pretty hot during this episode? I think they wanted to show that Alex was glowing due to her pregnancy. Well I’m 99% sure about that. Even if Ben was the mastermind behind Karl getting killed that would have been to no avail. Karl finally puts one over Ben. Hehe..

On the freight Sayid rats out on Michael and Captain Gault doesn’t seem to be surprised. Maybe he already knew and he’s also working for Ben???

Here are some interesting tidbits from the Lost Podcast done by the creators.

– Aaron is one of the Oceanic 6. So the list consists of Jack, Kate, Sayid, Sun, Hurley and Aaron.

– There is going to be another electromagnetic event this season. So expect one more purple haze in the sky.

– There will be more information on the four toed statue and Black Rock in the last five episodes of the season.

– The name of the next episode is called “The Shape of Things to Come” and is rumored to be a Sayid Flash Forward.

– Aaand the writer’s code name for the season finale’s secret scene is “The Frozen Donkey Wheel.”

Next episode airs on April 24th. Hopefully I will be free of the whole college craze. Till then stay LOST!! 😛

RR 19/03/08

March 19, 2008

I haven’t been able to blog or even check out me blog over the past few days because, well college is crazy! Not that the college is crazy; it’s fine and dandy and all, but well you know work. Anyhoo well lets get into some interesting things shall we!

The four toed statue on LOST might actually be 6 toed! Whaaaaat?!

We have all but seen the Oceanic Six up to the 7th episode. But the producers are not confirming who they are. So lets go with the last one being Aaron for now.

If you guys have watched the latest How I Met Your Mother, did you guys think that the person Ted bumped into and said “Excuse me” to is the MOTHER?!?! They wouldn’t have included that scene if it wasn’t meant to hold any meaning. Or am I reading too much into it? Next week Britteny stars with a Scrubs doctor, well playing a doctor, figures.

Oh and yeah, I’m thinking of buying a laptop. Any recommendations? I’m thinking of going for the latest model of the MacBook.

Fernando Torres – Interview

March 17, 2008

This is what makes you want to be a Liverpool supporter. The history, the discipline, and the will to never stop dreaming. YNWA!!!